Saturday, November 21

Primadonna (:

hey strangers :D

I started watching 'you're beautiful' YEA,I'm totally late -____-
Still, it's good that I'm watching aite?
At first, I just wanted to watch my baby *wink* hongki's acting
but then I got hooked on the show like, goshh it's so worth it!
T O T A L L Y worth it~!!
and that also means that I'm addicted to hongki's precious smile ;)

and that reminds me!
I rebonded my hair again yesterday (is that a proper line?pfftt hahaa)
A dude did my hair ^___^
and,and let me tell you
he has hongki's super sweet smile & his blonde blonde hair but shorter!

I was like! like really?

plus with that hyun joong's eyes~KYAAAAAAA *fangirl squels*
Goshh, I was like >///<>
just hope my parents don't read this HAHA

anyways, just got back from sunway.
I look more & more llike a chinese girl nowadays
plus with the straight hair I could tell people that I'm actually
an exchange student from korea or japan or something ;O

MAMA awards is on channel V rite now
but my parents are totally controlling the tvs
Dad with his football thingy and mom with news upstairs
yes, we borrowed a tv from ze cousins rofl

OK, I guess that's it Imma go watch HONGKI I mean, YB some more yea ;D


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