Sunday, November 29

Oh Crazy

hey pepps, I'm back ;)

Watching ShiNee's ring ding dong remix. Is it just me or are they getting hotter?
Taemin-ya!! get well soon cutie!!^^
And congrats to 2PM for winning the mutizens award. I love Wooyoung!! hhaa :)

Chansung was love when he screamed out Jay's name :D

OH, I'm back in subang WOOT!

arrived here at around 6.30 PM yesterday. After hanging out at my other grandma's house in ampang. YEA, from my dad's side that is :) Had loads of fun fangirling with my cuzzie, Aqilah. Goshhh, we talked about jacob to Hongki to malays HAHA. Yes malays. Cause we are so not into them. HEH, no offence tho xP

She's awesomeee. Her friends are like, just like me. LOL
I mean kpop-wise. I doubt about the studying part though. bahahaa
Took selca pics of ourselves. As in we camwhored like what cute teenage girls should do *winks* It's in my facebook tho^^

Took more selca pics of myself in the car on the way home. You know how I am, really vain & stuff HAHA

Yup, I'm a proud twelvean. It's actually my bro's shirt. All of my good clothes are not that clean. Just hope that I'll be accepted in the school next year. But if I really think about it, I don't know. Is it really OK for me to move? Maybe. HEH, don't wanna think about it. No Kara, maybe later ;I

OH, went to sunway just now. It's really hard to choose what clothes to wear nowadays. I mean, if I wear shorts, I'm afraid that it's gonna get chilly and rainy & stuff. But if I wanna wear jeans, I'm afraid it's gonna get really hot. That I'll die wearing it. PFFT see how hard it is??

But I love the rainy season.. So I can't complain much I guess HEEE

On the other side of kpop. I'm so sick right now after reading the gruesome news about taec's so call 'fan'. ISH, just get your barf beg ready and read this.


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