Thursday, November 5

Of all things

hey gay :D

neh,I'm just kidding unless you are one :O

I've finished one of my old novels that I just found in my room call "Tommy sullivan is a freak" by meg cabot.
It was definitely an awesome read.typical,coming from the author of 'the princess diaries' series etc
I didn't listen to the overrated lousy malay dude who tried speaking english that also fail. Badly.
Who then advised us to learn english to get a better chance in blah blah..AS IF
I wanted to write an example of his english but I forgot what he said-.-""
Instead, I remember that Katie & Sean broke up & that sydney doesn't hate her & Katie is now with Tommy *squels
and loads more from the book HAHA

Other than that,we--as in me & Icha had a fairly good day. Sat in class but not actually sitting HAHA
Played well,you know, Tic-tac-toe 2.0 as in on the black board oh and I won a game of bingo
The teacher didn't mind as usual.___.

I'm listening to this brilliant piano dude who's playing a cover of 2PM's new song, tired of waiting.
OHMIGOD,he's super awesome!
Well,to me who's struggling to play a 7th grade piece when I'm already an 8th grader xO
That reminds me, my dad said Imma start my piano classes back after what.. 6 months of not being in the ring
*sigh oh well..

and he learned by ear! oh my,the SHINee's cover is also as good--go check it all out here


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