Friday, November 6

Man Man Ha Ni, Honey


seriously addicted!
wasn't that excited before this song..but now..pfftt hotness much?
their lyrics is also oh-so-ah-mazing!
But I felt the lyrics hard cause it's like they know me.HAH

Kevin,Kibum & Eli is ♥♥
And ohmigosh,dongho is like,my age!:D
like,he's 2 weeks older but he sure doesn't look like it!he's HOT.hee

OK,I'm trying to stop spazzing about them cause I need to spazz about 2PM's new song now--I was crazy about you
quite delish but I prefer tired of waiting.well cause I am HAHA.

YES that's 2PM. I LOVE THEM!! wooyounggie is still mine RAWWR ;)
miss Jay tho..*sigh
I thought someone were like,eating some cereal at the beginning of the song :O

anyways I'll update about school laterhh
Imma go rest for a while HEE :D

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