Wednesday, November 4

Lost in a maze


I'm kinda happy from all that durian eating & MBLAQ-ness LOL
and wow durian is delish! LOVE IT!

anyway, played ping-pong with icha and twins+cutee guys today;)
like seriously,I played.I also told myself that any game that involves ball of any kind is stupid.
But turns out,I enjoyed playing pingy pongy today
maybe it was the cute guys but whatever.
One of them played as my teammate and that melt me. God.
But then the malay guys came over & spoiled everything.
But hey,we didn't care. We 100% ignored them HAH
Even my hotstuff were there*drool
I did get 3rd in the girls' category--like duh..!
Oh and I can tell the diff between the twins now :D
they're girls btw LMAO

Then me & Icha went stalking .we watched the basketball game from afar until this teacher came up and tell us to go
back to the hall..pfft.
During recess time,we stayed at the hall.Diet maa
So we & Khai played with teacher's laptop & speakers.
Goshh that was fun!
Rihanna, Abba-dancing queen & even michael jackson's songs
I controlled the volume. So of course the bass volume was at full.
No one cared about it actually,they just danced along. Even the seniors came down haha
my hotstuff were there too hehee
But then Chong came and was like, "shoo shoo"
as soon as she was gone,we started playing 'dancing queen'
HAHA,khai said it fits her coz they are like,from the same generation xD

After long argument with the LANSI prefects we gave up the speakers & laptop
And when it was good too. Well,considering bishiebishie just came. One of them that is.

Then we anyam ketupat or something.I sucked,obviously.
Icha asked this dude to help out HAHA,a dudee weiyh!!
while I was learning from a chinese girl rofl
this is a conspiracy!
And watched some tanglung-making boys get it one. Even my former ping-pong teammate HAHA
Ohmigod,his smiles is soo sweet. Now I know that my ball picking days did not go to waste.

Me & Khai went to take lunch from the other side of school. That was tiring-.-
But thank god,we didn't have to go in the line coz the canteen people all know us really well *wink HAH
And we took a plate and put loads of snacks on it lol
the juniors just watched..hee
me & icha didn't finish out chicken so khai took it HAHA
We even sat on chairs as we called ourselves 'VIP' as luqman would call it
my hotstuff sat near too :D
He were standing behind me for a while but then his buddies called*sigh
err..there were fashion show, Dance performances--that I love the chinese girls' fan dance the best and other stuff
Me & Icha went back early so did 20 or so other people weeee

I saw this familiar face over at cold storage just now. At the counter. I blinked and blinked and blinked.again.
Obviously he rememberd me coz like, He was looking at me. I didn't know that and thought
"GOD,this boy is so cuteeeeeee"
HAHA. Then *snap* It hit me. really,my dad's voice asking me something LOL
Him..I know him! while he was standing that stand in front of the counter waiting for his mom,in that school uniform..
that sweet dark-coloured face
OHMIGOD. He's my former green house commander while I was in the marching thingy mejinggy
I loved him.OK,no I didn't. I barely know him but he knows me coz we talked. a bit. and passed each other and all
but he moved this year so no more green house activities involving me LMAO
and yes,I'm with purple now okay?
but the minute I remember all that was the minute he started walking. Helping his mom with the groceries.
GOD,my memory is so unfortunately slow-.-

But he remember me! YEYYYY
haha. ohh wait. NOOOO he remember me
I was in a mess. my hair was AHHHHH
damn embarassed
damn..dudeee help me meet him again!
when I'm all cute-sexy-looking and all


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