Tuesday, November 17

Let Me Hear Your Voice!

hey hi all ;)

There's bad news and worse news

Let's start with the bad news shall we?
The TV upstairs ; in my parents' room ; is busted. RIP.
And the worse news that the main computer is super-busted-to-the-max.
who knows what happened to it? freaky thing
One day it was reformatted and now this AHHHHH
So now I'm using one of my dad's or mom's laptop. OK, I have no idea who this thing belongs to.___.
but anyways, there's no google chrome so ohmigosh, my blog look terrible. Like seriously
DUDEEEE! go download google chrome pfft

Can my hols get any worse?

Anyways Facebook is awesome! who knew? LOL
and I'm continuing my diet rofl
but I still have to go to the hospital cause the doctors wanna check what the hell is wrong with me.
Since no one knows. I mean, until today after the crying, the sleeping & of course the ewwness of meds-.-
*gasp* I knew it. I'm an a l i e n aren't I?!! And you??!! you kidnapped Jay did you?!?!?! OMG You're so GAYYYY!!
HAHAHAHAA I crack myself up.

OH, I won't be on my msn for a few days or centuries or so cause there's no msn here. HAH,pity.
Thank god there's that ebuddy thingy ;)

Anyone up for pyramid?

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