Saturday, November 14

It's A Christmas Miracle in November!

Ehmm... does this guy look familiar to you?
to anyone?


anyone at all?


go ask ur sister!


No?go ask a hottest!


cause it looks like JAY.
Which is funny, he left korea 2++ months ago. But he was seen leaving a korean airport just a couple of hours ago..Do you know what that means?


Other than my stomach feels much better cause of this news,
Jay is probably gonna be the 6-pack God again!!
OH, I mean the leader to 2PM!! OMG,OMG rite? I still can't believe it *faints
Will update on it a.s.a.p(:


OK, I'm all good! YEAH ;D
I did watch 2PM's comeback stage on music bank yesterday. It was EPIC AWESOME!
The intro was just ohmigoshh! Wooyounggie so hot! Nickhun so sexayy haha ;o
My dad joined me in the middle of the performance..that was awkward-.-""
Wooyoung looked like he was gonna fall in the end--during the dance solo-- so I was like *gasp
thank god,he's so flexible! LOVELOVE

and OHMIGOSH to the music core performance! HOTTERHOTHOT!
without the Junsu's futuristic-themed polka-dots-outfits..hehee
and the dance is soo cool! they look like zombies,with that make-up & all but with more style!lols
I mean, just look at the intro.. GOSHH, wooyounggie seriously killed me with his uber sexayy longish hair!

You could pratically hear hottests shout out "ok taecyeon,lee junho" etc in the end.
That is what I call LOVE ;)

Ok y'all I need to get my meds & take some more rest cause I'm sick againn
YEA, it sucks.

keep the faith(:

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