Friday, November 13

I'll Cry If You Won't Miss Me,

Hello lovers ;)

Today was the last day of form 3 D;
aww Gonna miss it tho. Seriously. I can't believe 2009 is gonna end soon.
Suck as it is, Imma miss it.
WAAAA anyway, had loads of funnn just now :D
starting from me getting 3rd prize in the ping-pong thingy with plenty of biscuits & snacks that we get from 2 hampers. YESH, TWO.
Well, actually they get it as a prize. But sharing is caring maa><
Talent show before that where Ricia sing again. OH and a duet with Syud too. Awesome(:

OH GAWD, my hotstuff is so hot! dayumm..he was like in my class for a while,hanging out with the other malay dudes so yeahh *drools
I mean, dudeeee. I think..oh well..erghh ntg HEEEE
WAHHH me & Icha bumped into him & buddies a few times just now. Is it fate or is it just meh?HAHA

OK enough with that. Watched Kung Fu Panda in bilik wawasan with all the form 3 students. Mostly because Rozaimi was like "Saya cari yea kalau ade yang hilang..!" in eng; "I'll find who's not in the room"
And gave us each a look BLAHAHAHA xD

That movie was Fun :D
Went back & awww.. the chinese girls came walking towards us and started to hug us.
omg,that was so sweeet! REALLY SWEET. They were like "happy holidays!!don't pindah arr"
We pratically stopped walking kekeke(:
And I bet the other students who were about to exit fro the school were like puzzled by us
lol,that's good!
Wish I know about them more *sigh*
oh well,at least I got their msn & stuff so it's not goodbye forever, is it?

OH and I caught the last glimpse of my hotstuff. I wish I'll like, bumped into him during the hols or something :D
Icha too. With her many hotstuffs LOL

So that was the end of my last day of being a form 3 student. Sweet form 4,here I come ;)

ps today is Friday the 13th :O

pss watch 2PM on music bank todayy OMO I can't wait!!

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