Friday, November 6

It's gone

hey kiss meh?x3

OH that reminds me there's this dude at school who always play with me. I mean,god no..not that!
Just that he always come to me & it scares me. A bit *___*
Like just now I was sitting with Icha & ricia at the hall waiting for the yakult person to give a talk & he dropped by.
He drinks a mouthful of water & like made that
SO I was like the convo ;P


Don't laa____--insert name
*shakes head*
Ask him to kiss you
Oh HAHA ok!hey kiss me!
*gulp* Kiss you are? here!

then he puckered & went away. He's 'shy' LOL

The talk was obviously boring with a capital B & everything after that.
Thank god this nosy malay girl sat beside me. She was asking these stupid questions which will be the headlines tomorrow HAHA
Damn annoying-.-"
And she loves Icha & me so much,that's fer sure ;P
coz She's always be giving us the stink eyes
*sigh people don't learn.

It was cold we found out.
11 people in class for some math form 4 action from annatha.
That was 'fun' and really,I mean really confusing
One time he sings & the other he'll gossip with the senior dudes who skipped class to be with us. That was nice. They even teached us, mostly me & icha about what's gonna come our way next year. Now that freaked me out a lil
When there was no teacher, the class will only have like 6 or 7 people
that includes me & The boys talking about err..stuff with some psp madness & abit of music from thy phone which Icha played with.
I told her that she'd better off sleeping than to play with the games on my phone cause the games are all l.a.m.e

At home in the evening. I woke up at 6.15 pm just now freaking out how I can forget about music bank.GRRR
I did watched SHINee's performance with Yesung--who look ohmigodnessly hot--
his voice so sexayy!hehe
and BEG's comeback. Ga in!!narsha's new do rocks & Jea + miryo so sexy too!HAHA
K.will's comeback too.He's awesome

U-KISS was WOW. GOD,they're hot!!♥♥
I didn't hear that well I mean considering my dad was playing his rock music in the dining area.loudly.___.
but hey, I'm not blind HAHA
the camera men was deff soo hyun biased ;)
who wouldn't?he's soo cute with that smile!!and hot omgahh!!@__@

Missed MBLAQ's performance tho.
omgwtfbbq when I found out that Joon's abs weren't shown
Instead the camera man was looking at MIR, which I don't complain much(of course)
but dudeee!!
Joon's abs are a must-show on every performance! LoL I sound so perverted ;O

oh & yes I did changed my layout. The background at least..I know it's plain but it's sooo cuteee!HEEE
try HAHA ;)


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