Tuesday, November 10


Heyyy I'm backkkk
and guess what?
I'm downloading 2PM's album
Since the weather didn't permit me to do so just now.___.

I've been thinking and I found out that the reason I'm writing so much on my blog nowadays is because I'm not using my myspace anymore :D and that is because I forgot my password :D :D kudos for me HAHA. And I'm so L.A.Z.Y to go to the whole process of changing my password, again. So I'll write and write till I have nothing to write d.. which, I guess is going to be NEVER. LOL

rofl anyway, I was all alone at school just now :Otill I saw Sin hui, which is after 5 minutes I stepped foot on the school grounds.Then off to assembly with chin mei with her new braces + friends.I TOLD YOU, braces are so in rite now. It does not count as an 'OKU' thing anymore.People actually wear it to well, be diff. And as a teen, I'm sure a lot of people longs to be diff .But scratch braces off your list if your going to move to SMK USJ 13 any time soon cause braces are all around now HAHA

So yeah, went into class with natasya tho after talk talk at the boring boring assembly which, I felt naked at.Like, gawd.. the principal can see me clearly as I was sitting in front.OK,not that in front. But with 3G's '3 people only project' I cannot just zzz away -.- nobody was there to block meh

Learned about teacher's experience with ghosts just now. And that freaked me out. Seriously.Thank god ban ban & yaoi were sitting beside me. Tho they did not made me any less scared but they were there to annoy me and that helped. HEEE

Was with Ricia when the teacher played nobody eng ver by wonder girls. OHMIGOSH, that was awesome to hear after not listening to anything for a while HAHA..OH, me & ricia even danced to it :D I KNOW RITE? we are nuts. my hotstuff seems to be enjoying the song tho.LOL. Poor Icha weren't there.. They all said the song is huge in clubs :O oh my, they go to clubs too?? And when I thought the smarty pants of berlian were just
a bunch or nerdy communists that well, do communists stuff xD
yes I hate them, don't ask.

ISH another 40++ MB to go(out of 90++ MB,mind you><)
perghhh what am I supposed to do till then?
no one is online on msn.. I guess..I'll.. hemm.. swt I forgot feeder!
I'll find something to do I guess

so me outie

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