Sunday, November 15

Got Deo?

hey you're here :D

Just got back from Subang Parade with who else but ze family. Had sushi oh, and mcflurry ;O
But I keep telling myself to not eat those stuff but they're so tempting.
So as of this week, I had 2 oreo milkshakes and a cornetto mcflurry..!
OMG that sounds bad..perghhh. n
vm, maybe it's because I'm scared of the school year ending or something ;P
Gotta get back on track tomolo. promise 8)
OH, bought Romeo & Juliet . But I'm reading wuthering heights rite now :D
and lemme tell u, it's like reading a dictionary! An old dictionary.
But I like romantic-like LOL
So heaven knows when I'll start reading romeo & Juliet in original text, thankyouverymuch.

I'm buffering 2PM's performance on inkigayo just now.
YES, there are 3 links.

3 performances and that means they're totally, officially back :D
which is a bit sad cause JAY isn't back. Yet. KEEP THE FAITH YO!

and I've created a facebook acc :D aren't u happy for me?^^ HAHA
I added a few peeps and still wondering why they call it 'facebook'
Other than that, it's like funfun tho(:
gonna put the facebook badge thingy on here later. I do mean later, aite?

Thunder is coming!HEEE

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