Tuesday, November 24

Don't Get Mad ;

hey sexayyy ;)

Am at my grandma's house now~ just got the internet coz it was busted for like, a few centuries or so!
I was like "omg! thank u good God!!" when the internet people came HAHAA

so many kpop things been happening lately as a result of the recent MAMA thingy
esp the contro after nickhun & ivy special
porn-like-performance joint stage
damn that old woman. LOL

dangg.. I seriously can't, like totally cannot wait for new moon to come out!!
oh fyi, I'm on team edward ;) lol
and,and of course ninja assasin!! KYAAAAAA *fangirlness rawwrs*

The phone reception here is unstable
So I'm sorry if I haven't reply to any of you guys' smses and/or calls
OK, I can answer the phone but the line will break anyway so wat's the point? HAHA

And I'm bored.. no lengcai la here, so far-___-
so many malay dudes perghh. And they're so annoying like, whenever they see me or like,pass by me they'll whistle or call me or blah blahh. Of course I always ignore cause I know they're not good-looking as I always check them out from the corner of my eyes HAHA
I mean, not my type. OMG I AM SO MEANNNN

Will be going out soon to Ipoh Mall maybe :D
I love that place! the reason is so predictable so go figure it out yo~!HEEE

R I P daul kim v.v

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