Friday, November 27

Come in, Come out

sexy baby ;D

are the names of the adorable cats living here. Their nicknames I mean :D
And by hear I mean my grandma's house.

Cause well, like duhhhh! I'm allergic to cats. HAHAA That doesn't stop me from loving love them tho :3

I Just got the retarded internet connection back! Thanks to my dad who just arrived here just now. GO papa!HEEE
It's busted I swear. I mean, it was alright for like a day. Then it died again.
Stupid thing I should sew the TM people.
Because of them, I didn't know Doojoon was in africa. Joonie & thunder's battle with swine flu (OK,I know about this one through my phone xD) But hell, I didn't even know why my fingernails are so damn long!!
and pretty too! Gawd, I think I should take a picture or something LOL

Lots of things been happening, I don't think I need to write it all here cause I am 'ze princess of lazyness'
So I think I need to find me some snack or some you're beautiful action*wink. OH, it just ended yesterday too ;(

x o x o,
selamat hari raya aidiladha :D :D

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