Sunday, November 29

Oh Crazy

hey pepps, I'm back ;)

Watching ShiNee's ring ding dong remix. Is it just me or are they getting hotter?
Taemin-ya!! get well soon cutie!!^^
And congrats to 2PM for winning the mutizens award. I love Wooyoung!! hhaa :)

Chansung was love when he screamed out Jay's name :D

OH, I'm back in subang WOOT!

arrived here at around 6.30 PM yesterday. After hanging out at my other grandma's house in ampang. YEA, from my dad's side that is :) Had loads of fun fangirling with my cuzzie, Aqilah. Goshhh, we talked about jacob to Hongki to malays HAHA. Yes malays. Cause we are so not into them. HEH, no offence tho xP

She's awesomeee. Her friends are like, just like me. LOL
I mean kpop-wise. I doubt about the studying part though. bahahaa
Took selca pics of ourselves. As in we camwhored like what cute teenage girls should do *winks* It's in my facebook tho^^

Took more selca pics of myself in the car on the way home. You know how I am, really vain & stuff HAHA

Yup, I'm a proud twelvean. It's actually my bro's shirt. All of my good clothes are not that clean. Just hope that I'll be accepted in the school next year. But if I really think about it, I don't know. Is it really OK for me to move? Maybe. HEH, don't wanna think about it. No Kara, maybe later ;I

OH, went to sunway just now. It's really hard to choose what clothes to wear nowadays. I mean, if I wear shorts, I'm afraid that it's gonna get chilly and rainy & stuff. But if I wanna wear jeans, I'm afraid it's gonna get really hot. That I'll die wearing it. PFFT see how hard it is??

But I love the rainy season.. So I can't complain much I guess HEEE

On the other side of kpop. I'm so sick right now after reading the gruesome news about taec's so call 'fan'. ISH, just get your barf beg ready and read this.


shut it

Have you ever feel like the world is just so, so cruel sometimes?
The family being exceptionally over-dramatic?
The friends leaving out of what's really important?
HAH, welcome to life. It's hell I know

I got a story~~huhuhuhu *scary ghosts noise*
OK, I said to someone that I wanna be somethingsomething when I grow up. Well, just now.. like really just now
my dad was totally not in the happiest mood (all day-.-) He was like "And you Iman, don't play around too much"
I was like O.o "Do you even know what somethingsomething means?" he replied to my blur face
Freaking hell, it started. He went on saying "This few days, found out everything you need to know if you wanna be somethingsomething. Write me an essay"
Tears were like,collected in my eyes. Really, today has been very emotional. Well, you know :P

But hell, he said "EHH see.. I say a bit only you want to cry or get mad" I smiled. It was dinner time for God's sake!
WATDAFAK rite? Now, for me to want something, is very hard. It needs to be in his wanting range.
It has to be something he knows I can do. And a freaking essay? What is up with that???
Bishh. I can't even say how stupid his idea of 'want' is. I mean, I'll do whatever it takes to get what I want.
Everything. Because I want it because I love it.
Regardless if it's a dumb idea or something that he doesn't approve of.
It's what I want. And THAT IS IT FULL STOP. Sometimes, I really envy those kids who are without parents.
Honestly. Orphanes like, Olver twist, Annie etc.
I know they lead a very very hard life but they don't have to face all of these unnecessary lectures about wanting something.
To me, if you want something GO FOR IT.

Don't look up about the hell you're getting yourself into. Just work hard and be suprise.
It's much more experience-worthy that way.
My mom ain't a big help either.
I mean, what eff. really what eff. I'll be me, and they'll be them. Them parents.
Now I fell like laughing. I fell much better. Better enough to write another post that isn't about ranting BLEKK ;)


Friday, November 27

Come in, Come out

sexy baby ;D

are the names of the adorable cats living here. Their nicknames I mean :D
And by hear I mean my grandma's house.

Cause well, like duhhhh! I'm allergic to cats. HAHAA That doesn't stop me from loving love them tho :3

I Just got the retarded internet connection back! Thanks to my dad who just arrived here just now. GO papa!HEEE
It's busted I swear. I mean, it was alright for like a day. Then it died again.
Stupid thing I should sew the TM people.
Because of them, I didn't know Doojoon was in africa. Joonie & thunder's battle with swine flu (OK,I know about this one through my phone xD) But hell, I didn't even know why my fingernails are so damn long!!
and pretty too! Gawd, I think I should take a picture or something LOL

Lots of things been happening, I don't think I need to write it all here cause I am 'ze princess of lazyness'
So I think I need to find me some snack or some you're beautiful action*wink. OH, it just ended yesterday too ;(

x o x o,
selamat hari raya aidiladha :D :D

Tuesday, November 24

Don't Get Mad ;

hey sexayyy ;)

Am at my grandma's house now~ just got the internet coz it was busted for like, a few centuries or so!
I was like "omg! thank u good God!!" when the internet people came HAHAA

so many kpop things been happening lately as a result of the recent MAMA thingy
esp the contro after nickhun & ivy special
porn-like-performance joint stage
damn that old woman. LOL

dangg.. I seriously can't, like totally cannot wait for new moon to come out!!
oh fyi, I'm on team edward ;) lol
and,and of course ninja assasin!! KYAAAAAA *fangirlness rawwrs*

The phone reception here is unstable
So I'm sorry if I haven't reply to any of you guys' smses and/or calls
OK, I can answer the phone but the line will break anyway so wat's the point? HAHA

And I'm bored.. no lengcai la here, so far-___-
so many malay dudes perghh. And they're so annoying like, whenever they see me or like,pass by me they'll whistle or call me or blah blahh. Of course I always ignore cause I know they're not good-looking as I always check them out from the corner of my eyes HAHA
I mean, not my type. OMG I AM SO MEANNNN

Will be going out soon to Ipoh Mall maybe :D
I love that place! the reason is so predictable so go figure it out yo~!HEEE

R I P daul kim v.v

Saturday, November 21

Primadonna (:

hey strangers :D

I started watching 'you're beautiful' YEA,I'm totally late -____-
Still, it's good that I'm watching aite?
At first, I just wanted to watch my baby *wink* hongki's acting
but then I got hooked on the show like, goshh it's so worth it!
T O T A L L Y worth it~!!
and that also means that I'm addicted to hongki's precious smile ;)

and that reminds me!
I rebonded my hair again yesterday (is that a proper line?pfftt hahaa)
A dude did my hair ^___^
and,and let me tell you
he has hongki's super sweet smile & his blonde blonde hair but shorter!

I was like! like really?

plus with that hyun joong's eyes~KYAAAAAAA *fangirl squels*
Goshh, I was like >///<>
just hope my parents don't read this HAHA

anyways, just got back from sunway.
I look more & more llike a chinese girl nowadays
plus with the straight hair I could tell people that I'm actually
an exchange student from korea or japan or something ;O

MAMA awards is on channel V rite now
but my parents are totally controlling the tvs
Dad with his football thingy and mom with news upstairs
yes, we borrowed a tv from ze cousins rofl

OK, I guess that's it Imma go watch HONGKI I mean, YB some more yea ;D


Thursday, November 19

You shouldn't do that

Hey yoh gahhh

I'm listening to Nadia's 'twinkiling boy' It's sooo cuteeeee!
I swear she just said 'making love' for like, the 44563799th time xO
OH, Nadia is the new band from SME not your cousin or sis or friend or yeahh :)

Let's see..
JOONIE hurted his ankle :O
and now he's in the hospital, so MBLAQ has to performed as a 4-member group till joonie fully recovers
aww.. poor sexy-hot-abs-and-omgahh-smile joon haha ;D

Haven't been going out really. yes, that's L A M E.
nvm, at least staying indoors makes me look pale and not so dark HAHA
shizz my phone just died-.-

gawd, I can't believe I'm saying this but I miss school ;(

Tuesday, November 17

Let Me Hear Your Voice!

hey hi all ;)

There's bad news and worse news

Let's start with the bad news shall we?
The TV upstairs ; in my parents' room ; is busted. RIP.
And the worse news that the main computer is super-busted-to-the-max.
who knows what happened to it? freaky thing
One day it was reformatted and now this AHHHHH
So now I'm using one of my dad's or mom's laptop. OK, I have no idea who this thing belongs to.___.
but anyways, there's no google chrome so ohmigosh, my blog look terrible. Like seriously
DUDEEEE! go download google chrome pfft

Can my hols get any worse?

Anyways Facebook is awesome! who knew? LOL
and I'm continuing my diet rofl
but I still have to go to the hospital cause the doctors wanna check what the hell is wrong with me.
Since no one knows. I mean, until today after the crying, the sleeping & of course the ewwness of meds-.-
*gasp* I knew it. I'm an a l i e n aren't I?!! And you??!! you kidnapped Jay did you?!?!?! OMG You're so GAYYYY!!
HAHAHAHAA I crack myself up.

OH, I won't be on my msn for a few days or centuries or so cause there's no msn here. HAH,pity.
Thank god there's that ebuddy thingy ;)

Anyone up for pyramid?

Sunday, November 15

Sleep on drunk?

I don't think I can sleep tonight. Because well..

I just knew that the pic of JAY I told post about 2 nights ago was actually taken in August.

and I realized that the chances--for the recent dream I got--of ever happening are pretty slim v.v

Scratch that. OH wait, I already did.. Icha help!!HAHA

To the not-so-bright side, some of my old friends from my old school contacted me just now :D
Even I barely remember them Dx Oh well, that made me happy, a bit. idea what to do now.___.

maybe just forget?

HAH, the magic word

effin xoxo

Got Deo?

hey you're here :D

Just got back from Subang Parade with who else but ze family. Had sushi oh, and mcflurry ;O
But I keep telling myself to not eat those stuff but they're so tempting.
So as of this week, I had 2 oreo milkshakes and a cornetto mcflurry..!
OMG that sounds bad..perghhh. n
vm, maybe it's because I'm scared of the school year ending or something ;P
Gotta get back on track tomolo. promise 8)
OH, bought Romeo & Juliet . But I'm reading wuthering heights rite now :D
and lemme tell u, it's like reading a dictionary! An old dictionary.
But I like romantic-like LOL
So heaven knows when I'll start reading romeo & Juliet in original text, thankyouverymuch.

I'm buffering 2PM's performance on inkigayo just now.
YES, there are 3 links.

3 performances and that means they're totally, officially back :D
which is a bit sad cause JAY isn't back. Yet. KEEP THE FAITH YO!

and I've created a facebook acc :D aren't u happy for me?^^ HAHA
I added a few peeps and still wondering why they call it 'facebook'
Other than that, it's like funfun tho(:
gonna put the facebook badge thingy on here later. I do mean later, aite?

Thunder is coming!HEEE

Saturday, November 14

It's A Christmas Miracle in November!

Ehmm... does this guy look familiar to you?
to anyone?


anyone at all?


go ask ur sister!


No?go ask a hottest!


cause it looks like JAY.
Which is funny, he left korea 2++ months ago. But he was seen leaving a korean airport just a couple of hours ago..Do you know what that means?


Other than my stomach feels much better cause of this news,
Jay is probably gonna be the 6-pack God again!!
OH, I mean the leader to 2PM!! OMG,OMG rite? I still can't believe it *faints
Will update on it a.s.a.p(:


OK, I'm all good! YEAH ;D
I did watch 2PM's comeback stage on music bank yesterday. It was EPIC AWESOME!
The intro was just ohmigoshh! Wooyounggie so hot! Nickhun so sexayy haha ;o
My dad joined me in the middle of the performance..that was awkward-.-""
Wooyoung looked like he was gonna fall in the end--during the dance solo-- so I was like *gasp
thank god,he's so flexible! LOVELOVE

and OHMIGOSH to the music core performance! HOTTERHOTHOT!
without the Junsu's futuristic-themed polka-dots-outfits..hehee
and the dance is soo cool! they look like zombies,with that make-up & all but with more style!lols
I mean, just look at the intro.. GOSHH, wooyounggie seriously killed me with his uber sexayy longish hair!

You could pratically hear hottests shout out "ok taecyeon,lee junho" etc in the end.
That is what I call LOVE ;)

Ok y'all I need to get my meds & take some more rest cause I'm sick againn
YEA, it sucks.

keep the faith(:

Friday, November 13

I'll Cry If You Won't Miss Me,

Hello lovers ;)

Today was the last day of form 3 D;
aww Gonna miss it tho. Seriously. I can't believe 2009 is gonna end soon.
Suck as it is, Imma miss it.
WAAAA anyway, had loads of funnn just now :D
starting from me getting 3rd prize in the ping-pong thingy with plenty of biscuits & snacks that we get from 2 hampers. YESH, TWO.
Well, actually they get it as a prize. But sharing is caring maa><
Talent show before that where Ricia sing again. OH and a duet with Syud too. Awesome(:

OH GAWD, my hotstuff is so hot! dayumm..he was like in my class for a while,hanging out with the other malay dudes so yeahh *drools
I mean, dudeeee. I think..oh well..erghh ntg HEEEE
WAHHH me & Icha bumped into him & buddies a few times just now. Is it fate or is it just meh?HAHA

OK enough with that. Watched Kung Fu Panda in bilik wawasan with all the form 3 students. Mostly because Rozaimi was like "Saya cari yea kalau ade yang hilang..!" in eng; "I'll find who's not in the room"
And gave us each a look BLAHAHAHA xD

That movie was Fun :D
Went back & awww.. the chinese girls came walking towards us and started to hug us.
omg,that was so sweeet! REALLY SWEET. They were like "happy holidays!!don't pindah arr"
We pratically stopped walking kekeke(:
And I bet the other students who were about to exit fro the school were like puzzled by us
lol,that's good!
Wish I know about them more *sigh*
oh well,at least I got their msn & stuff so it's not goodbye forever, is it?

OH and I caught the last glimpse of my hotstuff. I wish I'll like, bumped into him during the hols or something :D
Icha too. With her many hotstuffs LOL

So that was the end of my last day of being a form 3 student. Sweet form 4,here I come ;)

ps today is Friday the 13th :O

pss watch 2PM on music bank todayy OMO I can't wait!!

Thursday, November 12

Kira kira

hello ;)


Yes I didn't update yesterday but I have a good reason for that. It's because my hand accidentally hit the iron while I was ironing my school clothes on tuesday night.
It hurt like h e l l. After a long time under the running tap I decided to go to the clinic.
It was like 11pm++ so yeahh..Thank God my dad was there(:
All is good. My 3 fingers--right hand was like numb and like,burning on the inside for a while. But the doc gave me some meds and now it looks normal. Except for the fact that there's a bubble thingy or blister thingy something on my 4th finger
ERR ewwww much?!?

OH and we--minus my mom who's in sabah now-- went to the
house at PJ again yesterday.
After just 3 days it's rented out!YEYYY
me & my bro cam-whored at the only yellow wall there cause well, you know how wooyounggie
I like yellow. muahaha xD

take 1, gangsta mode.

There are a lot more pics. But my bro is like "Don't post lahhh" Me, being an understanding & respectful cute sis of his
obey his words HAHA

esp the ending part* faints
that part I don't understand. totally.___.
fits with the whole depressing season of fall. HEEE
comeback was today will watch them on music bank tomolo will you?:D


I love it like that! HAHA, it's not the MV just for fun I guess but
Joonie is everywhere! gosh,MIR! G.O aww soo cute he reminds me of Tae yang!
The only part I regret is not being a korean to stalk them or something..PERGHHH><"""

Anyways I went to school with Icha :D
Had fun at the talent show after recess where this 2 cuteee guys were the MCs
totally cute I might add!><>
4 contestants ONLY. 3 singers & a dude whose 'talent' is to bore us to death by actually talking about history.
YESHH A stupid dimwitt of big brains but no actual thing in it.
Anywho, Ricia sang taylor swift and a few other songs. she can sing yo!
She was pratically suffacating me after she performed HAHA
like, she hugged me so tight that a few guys were jealous of me lolol

Had lunch with papa + Icha at 19 :D
ate ahmazing waffles
omg I feel like I want more-.-
Head home and sleeps HEEE

KPOP world is busy today it seems. With headlines with big names like JYP and rookie girl group,Rainbow who just released an MV with their cute addictive song,
oh and GOOD LUCK to all the idols who are taking "sooneung (수능)" today :D :D

OK Imma go call a dance class that I was supposed to do like, years ago xO


Tuesday, November 10


Heyyy I'm backkkk
and guess what?
I'm downloading 2PM's album
Since the weather didn't permit me to do so just now.___.

I've been thinking and I found out that the reason I'm writing so much on my blog nowadays is because I'm not using my myspace anymore :D and that is because I forgot my password :D :D kudos for me HAHA. And I'm so L.A.Z.Y to go to the whole process of changing my password, again. So I'll write and write till I have nothing to write d.. which, I guess is going to be NEVER. LOL

rofl anyway, I was all alone at school just now :Otill I saw Sin hui, which is after 5 minutes I stepped foot on the school grounds.Then off to assembly with chin mei with her new braces + friends.I TOLD YOU, braces are so in rite now. It does not count as an 'OKU' thing anymore.People actually wear it to well, be diff. And as a teen, I'm sure a lot of people longs to be diff .But scratch braces off your list if your going to move to SMK USJ 13 any time soon cause braces are all around now HAHA

So yeah, went into class with natasya tho after talk talk at the boring boring assembly which, I felt naked at.Like, gawd.. the principal can see me clearly as I was sitting in front.OK,not that in front. But with 3G's '3 people only project' I cannot just zzz away -.- nobody was there to block meh

Learned about teacher's experience with ghosts just now. And that freaked me out. Seriously.Thank god ban ban & yaoi were sitting beside me. Tho they did not made me any less scared but they were there to annoy me and that helped. HEEE

Was with Ricia when the teacher played nobody eng ver by wonder girls. OHMIGOSH, that was awesome to hear after not listening to anything for a while HAHA..OH, me & ricia even danced to it :D I KNOW RITE? we are nuts. my hotstuff seems to be enjoying the song tho.LOL. Poor Icha weren't there.. They all said the song is huge in clubs :O oh my, they go to clubs too?? And when I thought the smarty pants of berlian were just
a bunch or nerdy communists that well, do communists stuff xD
yes I hate them, don't ask.

ISH another 40++ MB to go(out of 90++ MB,mind you><)
perghhh what am I supposed to do till then?
no one is online on msn.. I guess..I'll.. hemm.. swt I forgot feeder!
I'll find something to do I guess

so me outie


OK, probably every hottests already know about this but I was at school T.T

so yeahh pratically all songs from 2PM's new album: 1.59PM just got released!!
OMG OMG OMG!! *fangirl squel*

GAWD OK, here's a taste




I TOTALLY have nothing else to sayyy but
and to make my day happier, ALLKPOP stated what JYP said about Jay's possible comebackkkk
and and,my wooyounggie look so hot and so dark in the pic *sigh
check it here ++ all of their songs
kyaaaaa!!I swear I'm goin nuts

AHA, will update later ^___^

ps I still miss JAY..;;__;;

Sunday, November 8

I told my what to huh

hey hey yo

It was really hot day today. I really wish it'd rain but I guess the water up there is all used up from all the rain we had the past week. Poor cloudy


OK *cough
Today's inkigayo rocked. MBLAQ delivered an awesome performance even if Joon's abs weren't shown..
Maybe it's banned cause he's too hot or something LOL ;P
Instead he showed us drooling fangirls his arm muscles--I don't know what's it's call GRRR
LOVE MIR's new hair colour. Makes me wanna dye my hair exactly like his!HEE
Onew was replaced by leeteuk because he got H1N1 :O
Goshh,pity.. and when Jonghyun just recovered..

I am so tired from the trip to our house in PJ just now to put up the
'for rent' sign. Anyone interested? HAHA
Tho I got cap neatly put on my head, I still need an umbrella. Seriously. It was as hot as 2PM's news about coming back next week!!
Talk about 'puteri lilin' which btw,literally mean 'Princess of candles' HAHA
neh, It just simply means I can't stand the hot whether. WHO CAN?
At least that's what my friends and my bro's friends call me when they know I have medicine if I've been under the sun for too long
probably my bro. But he's a noob soldier no biggie ><

FYI peeps, I am not going to school tomolo as I am down with lazyness permanently.
HAHA,GOD NO..OK,it's partly true but the main reason is that Icha is not going so I asked my dad nicely
to not go to school :D heh,smart riteee?

OH wait. I ate lunch at this epic place in Jaya One call 'simply 7usion' as in simply fusion.
Especially their milkshakes. Obviously, I had Oreo milkshake cause well.. Imma kid YEA?