Monday, October 19


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good evening fellow bloggers,
I've been busy cleaning my awesomely jungle-like room for 2 days now so it's time to take some rest.
yes,I haven't finish cleaning up yet. Like Tokugawa Ieyasu always say in Samurai Warriors;
"slow & steady wins the game" HAHA,I got my inspirations from video wonder I'm messed up xD

well, before I go out to somewhere that my dad forgot to tell me about, I just wanna write about the
freakiest-wicked-strangest-epic dream I had last night. Since my room had a 'culture shock' from all the cleaning, I decided to sleep downstairs at the living room on the comfy couch.

anyways, about the dream..
It all started when I met my long-lost cousins who are now in Arab--don't ask why--
we were chatting & I forgot how..but next thing I knew I was with
my other cousin,my oppa as in he's older than me--only by 2 or 3 yrs.___.
we were oddly, holding hands at the amusement park I presume. And totally all over each other hugging & stuff.
That's already unsual cause we get along nicely,as like friends. That didn't end there.
After that,I found myself in his arms, just holding me closely.. like,we're about to kiss.
yes,kiss. You know that feeling when you're about to kiss like, your lips are out-of your control & stuff getting blurry..yup, I could feel that feeling. Which made it oh-so-real. Gosh, I remembered that time.
The suspense can just kill me.

Back to the story rite, we were really,really close..ahh~ I could see his lips & mine almost touching.
But we didn't make it. Something happened,which I have no idea what-.-""
He did say something like, "wahhhh..let's just forget this ever happened"
with his face showing that really guilty face..I wouldn't blame him anyway.
Like I'm his 1st cousin. That would be so wrong.
I was like*gasp* and then I woke up..
like,dudeeee tell me what happened next! was really frustrating to not know the ending..
but I got over it & pray that that dream appears tonight..

So I did some thinking..and I remember this one guy said on a comic book that
"If a person appears in you dream,that means he or she misses you"
but there is also a saying that goes like
"If a person appears in your dream that means you misses them"
HAHA, that left me back to square one.

I don't know..these kinda dreams pop up sometimes.
Like, last time I met one of my old scandals. Something like this happened.. this a sign?
I can't help but hope that it is.. And it'll happen..just with other dudes please~!LOL
Come to think of it, my cousin is alright too ;)

ze end of a long post. Thank god huh xP

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