Thursday, October 15

Where u at ?

rawwr I'm back!

from UH--university Hospital to visit Tiqa's dad who got a stroke last week which I was there too. He's getting better. We should all pray for him. Amin. Tiqa's mom look thinner.
poor lady. This all must be hard oh her,too.I hope she gets better (:
oh,I went there with Icha since I know she likes to 'adventure'.even
if it's just going to a hospital.
haha,that's Icha alright ;)

Anyways, as soon I arrived at home at around 4 something something I wanted to sleep.
but then my dad said it's too late to take an afternoon nap so I opened the pc.
and ohmygod what a hot suprise I got (and I do mean HOT) whe
n I opened allkpop.
It was a news about Taeyang's MV being released. Long
story short,the song rocked. The concept of the MV is hot but TY is hotter like duh!

hot or no? if that's even a question HAHA
when he asked "Where u at?" I screamed "I'm heree babeeeeee!!!"
haha,much love to him ♥♥

TOP's drama series 'Iris' started airing yesterday. It was w
ell received as in,the show is hot! Can't wait for the subs to come out cause well u know how
I understand korean as much as I understand why my name is 'Iman' HAHAA

With GD with his solo career which is really going seriously good, and Tae yang's solo career looking mighty bright and also TOP's
drama series being the bomb, it's seems like Big Bang is taking over us without even having to release a new song.
dayum,they're good huh?

catch Big Bang in Japan--again--yo!weeeeeeeeeeeee

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