Sunday, October 25

Oh yeah Bad girl!

I'm back~muahaha!

OhmiGoddd,I just heard the most awesomeness news that just made my dayyy
LEE MINHO IS COMING TO TOWN!! omg,omg,omg! *fangirl squels*
I knew that he was in singapore yesterday but didn't know that he gonna be stopping by here for the etude promotion..eekkk!!wahhhh~!!
but of course I have like 1% to none chance of going to breath the air that he's gonna breath:(
he's coming to sungei wang. But oh well, if you're going bring me back at least a pic of him or else...!

MBLAQ's 5th visit to starry Night Radio. And can I just say Leader Seungho's piano skills are so brilliant!
God,he's awesome. GO smooth it out while Thunder's soft voice reminded me of Jay's rapping voice.a bit.
While my 2 Boo,MIR & Joon watched.ohmygAHHH they're HOT!

and yesterday's Music Core was no diff. It was MBLAQ vs BEAST round 2 *dingdingding*
allkpop stated that MBLAQ won the first round last week *clapclapyeahh!*
but omg,they both rocked it!hard.

Which one?that is the question. For me, MBLAQ did a great job & I think it was their best far ;D
Don't you love looking at them in black & white?WAAAAA~ Joon & MIR is LOVE

But BEAST's performance was great too. I love seunghyun..he's like so innocent & shy!
and,and Doo Joon..ouu! and Gi kwang! My God,he's hot!brrrr *faints*

watch out for the MAMA awards coming on 21st NOV, 7 PM on channel V!


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