Friday, October 9

awesomely,uberly,epicly HOT

I know rite? wat the hell am I doing here during PMR-hell week
well the thing is, I've been using the internet to check on stuff.
then I found this vid on allkpop :D :D
and I really need to post it on my blog ASAP yeyyyyyyyy

Red shirt= Hyung Joon (26 Jan '89)
Purple vest= Hwang Inseok (leader-19 Feb '88)
Blue sweatshirt=
Minho (main vocal-1st Feb '89)
Black hat=
Jin Seok (22 Jan '91)
White shirt=
Chang Hyun (9th June '88)

HOT aren't they?
LOLOL at the second part of the vid
I loveeeeee them..
watch 1:23 ROFL hyung Joon
2:20 Minho is love with the hip dance ;)
2:49 Inseok with his butt dance from Kara-misterㅋㅋㅋ
and lots of heechul licking action LMAO

their debut song 'bomb bomb bomb' wasn't really the bomb.
but I love it tho :D
can't wait for them to take the stage with new songs~!!

and of course we can't forget our beastly idols for this lolol vid
I miss 2PM!!!!!!;( waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

be back next week yo ^__^

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