Tuesday, October 13

say byebye to PMR babeh

U've guessed it.PMR is totally over.
wahh..I'm like totally psyked when I already know the results will be out in december.lol
need to calm down..fuhhhh
lots of thing been happening in the kpop scene.
really,a lot.really tempting.
but I have to hold it back..
so go read allkpop

2PM's performance at the Dream Concert '09 wasn't brodcast.
Same goes for Big Bang & GD's performance
yeahhhh..go to allkpop to read the whole storyyyyyyyyy weeeeeee

Do you see that gap in the middle ?
Yeah. It's Jaebeom's spot. No one replaced him.
They didn't even cut out Jaebeom's singing part.
And no one sang for his part either.
Jay's spot and everything. It was just left like that. A gap. A big one too.
It seemed so .. incomplete at the end where Jay's suppose to be standing in the middle and be
doing that 'emotional' hand thing cause no one stand there. No one.
Sigh. This is really sad. Shows how much the member's are missing Jay.
And how no one could ever ever replace him.
Park jaebeom come backkkkkkkkkkkk<33

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