Wednesday, October 21

My voice is sexayyy ;)

hey yea yaw yo

and no, I didn't undergo a voice transplant or anything. It's just that I'm down with the flu *hachooOoooO!*
it's not the bird flu like duhh! annoying-.- really. My doctor said I smoke too much. gosh, and when I thought I didn't have enough
kidding! I don't smoke.
I mean, I do smoke. Does second-hand smoker counts?
LOL, forget about the smoking.
I have the whole 'post-exam-syndrome' package or PES like mummy
call it. blocked nose & everything.
I feel like sleeping..but I can't..cause I'm not at school LOL

oh,I found out that TOP.AZ's MV is now banned from KBS. no wonder. The MV is like so, porn-ish..
consisting of sticks-like-girls & cute guys HAHAA
They're a disgrace to their name,TOP as in TOP of Big Bang

There are more news but my head is already cramped up from all the medicine I've been taking.
I seriously need to rest.
Gonna update more later tho, I think

don't you fall sick too

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