Wednesday, October 28

My Autobiography with colours!

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1. Where did you take your profile pic?
//my room
2. What exactly are you wearing right now?
//shirt & my fav pyjama bottoms :D
3. What is your current problem?
//The know
4. What makes you happy most?
//I'll tell when I find out
5. What's the name of the song that you're listening to?
//SHINee- get down *I'm a cool cat miawww! Key is LOVE!! xD
6. Any celeb you would marry?
7. Name someone/persons with the same birthday as you
//err..Shige of NEWS & Im Su Jung of Sorry I love you--I Don't really know anyone other than that tho lol
8. Ever sang in front of a large audience?
//NO :D
9. Has anyone ever said you looked like a celebrity?
//haha,yea O.o
10. Do you still watch kiddy movies or kiddie TV shows?
//I'm still a kid dammit!
11. Do you speak any other languages than English?
//yeah..I love to learn other language!
12. Has anyone you've been really close passed away?
//yes u.u
13. Do you ever watch MTV?
//almost all the time
14. What's something that really annoys you?
//not much,really. But I do annoy people tho(:

Chapter 1
1. Middle name: Don't have one
2. Nickname(s): naminami, sexy LOL xD
3. Current location: Not where you're at
4. Eye color: I don't really mom says it's brown-black but it changes sometime.___.

Chapter 2
1. Do you get along with your parent(s): Ok,ok lorhh
2.Are your parents married/separated/divorced? Married for a long time d HEEE.

Chapter 3 : Favourites
1. Ice Cream: Chocolate!
2. Season: now!
3. Shampoo/conditioner: Herbal essence & Loreal heee
4. Favorite Thing: my phone!

Chapter 4: Do You..
1. Dance in the shower?: no,I'll fall
2. Do you write on your hand?: HAHAA yes
3. Call people back?: No,I usually wait for them to call prepaid maa!haha
4. Believe in God?: YES
5. Any bad habits? Don't think so
6. Any mental health issues? hopefully no :D

Chapter 5: Have You..
1. Sprained stuff: Never.
2. Had physical therapy? Nope.
3. Gotten stitches? NOO
4. Taken painkillers: A lot. I love those stuff!♡♡
5. Gone scuba diving or snorkeling: no,I hate waterr!
6. Thrown up at the dentist: dudeee NO haha
7. Sworn in front of your parents? no
8. Had detention? no yeyyyy

Chapter 6: Who/What was the last
1. Three people who texted you: Tiqa,Icha & Syaza
2. Person you called: Icha's bro :o
4. Person you tackled?: err..haha *shuts mouth
5. Person you talked to on MSN?:Ricia
6. Thing you touched? my cup of teaaa
7. Thing you ate? : cookies!
8. Thing you drank: Tea,I told you-.-""
9. Thing you said: OHMIGOSH **when I saw MIR so finee ;)
10. Friend you saw ytd(12am-12am): a lot lah!


Anyone (:

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