Wednesday, October 14


MBLAQ- Oh yeah!

I forgot to put the hot,hot MV of MBLAQ just now.
they're like saying "oh yeah,oh yeah,oh yeah I'm hot"
but seriously,they are just so awesome.
they remind me of Bi rain + Big bang + hot abs & hair.
my god,I could go on and on talking about them but I don't want to.
Cause I know you'll be dead by the end of this post.HAHA
so I can just conclude MBLAQ in one word;
and here's BEAST with bad girl. They have yet to release the MV here's the audio in full naminami style ;)

yes,beware.They're coming with that kinda sound.the addictive-much? sound.I'll post the MV as soon as it's out!

and I've changed my banner.
It took me minutes to find the perfect sinical line for my blog.HAHAA
and the playlist can count on more guys ;)
and if your wondering about the random text that quoted
T-ara & supernova's lyrics then don't think about it too much.
it'll hurt your mind as it already hurt mine.

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