Tuesday, October 13

The month off non-stop sreaming fangirls

hey yoh

back from lunch~and decided to talk about SHU-I!
honestly,I can't tell who's who in SHU-I. but they are all ullzang~weeeee
oh wait,I can recognize my minho and..ehmm that dude with that hair.lol
they appeared in a junior mag or something..and brought it.
seriously can't wait for their new songs!

Child of Empire. SNSD's counterpart as they also are made up of
9 pretty guys who are also seeking victory soon are really ok,I guess.
I still don't have any clue of what to expect from them. Be great yea,my child of empire.

well I think that's enough of my blabbering about ullzangs today.
after a week of butt-cramping exam, that is.
I'll update some more stories later(:

do the la cHa ta!

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