Friday, October 16

I'm not homer simpson! I'm max power!

another funny ep of the simpsons made me pee HAHA

I woke up at around 9++ to the sultry sound of Junsu's voice singing 'angel'
I missss themmmmmm!!
I get out of my room just to find the stairs' lights were on. OMOMO
my bro was suppose to be awake at that time..well,u know to study or something.
but no he wasn't. So I woke him up. Brush my metal teeth and quickly open the pc LOL

breakfast around 10++ had kimchi flavored ramen *yumyum* since my parents were not at home till like,1 pm.
My dad brought our fav lunch home from PJ--Woo Jack burgers!
The awesomest burgers in the world!!so delish~u totally gotta try them!ahaa
then yadda, yadda..same old,same old..

oh,I've watched BEAST's debut stage on Music Bank just now.
but I'll update it later since my friend asked me just now
"this is a fansite rite?for kpop singers?" haha
maybe the many pics of cute guys has made him a wee bit confused..
well, it's suppose to be the story of my life, but my life is like, too full of music.. esp kpop.
so u can't blame me can ya?xD

I forgot to add to yesterday's post that I showed Tiqa & Icha the smses my ex gave me.
yes,at the hospital yesterday. Anyways, they laughed & keep saying stuff like..well,read the convo;

Icha, tiqa, me**all translated from our bm convo heee

hahaa I knew he's gonna be like that!
soo rude la him ish..
ehh,y u say that Icha?
I mean, he knew u were his bestie's scandal but still 'pursue' u..ain't that kinda weird?!
ohh yeahh..I see wat u mean..haha, but I played him too worries maa
u pun same like him..meanie!
*laughs & all the sick people there stared make us laugh harder haha*

weee~ so now I can officially say that he is nuts.LOL
will update on kpop later ;)

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