Sunday, October 18

I'm as bored as a surf board

Name : Iman
Birthday :11th July
Screenname : naminami

Random Questions
What kind of ice cream is your favorite?
now,Cotton candy from baskin robbins :D
Do you have a crush on anyone at the moment?
no. If you count Mir from MBLAQ then yesss ;)
Can you play chess?
I can totally burn u!LET'S GO HAHA
Ever worn leg warmers?
no..malaysia 's not even that cold.__.
Have you ever skipped for a long distance?
yeah. that didn't work out as planned=="
Have you ever danced in a public place?
yea. me & my bro killed the 'again & again' dance at the same time
Have you ever gone roller or ice skating? i
ce skating..that was a bummer
What color is your tooth brush?
purple :D
Have you ever sat on your rooftop?
no. would you?
Can You stay up a whole night without sleep?
like yea totally!
Can You cook?
What should we do with stupid people?
we just be more like them :D
What do you do when someone pisses you off?
I laugh at them for doing that thing then %@^**

First thing that comes to mind when you hear. . .
school will be over soon!
love is pain
donuts yumyum*drools*
Smile fake smile is betah
Cup pretty~
Phone is my life!;)
Iceland Icy cold
Greenland greenly?xD

This Or That
sing or dance D.A.N.C.E
chocolate or vanilla choco, choco, late
m&m or skittles m&m!
New York or Hawaii Hawaii
Christmas or Holloween Halloween :)
Flip-flops or Flats flats
Dominoes or Pizza Hut what's the diff?hemm..
Rain or Snow Rain cause he's super hot!♥ LOL
Polygamy or Monogamy .___.""""

Opposite Sex
height must be taller than me yea?
shy or outgoing outgoing
sweet or sarcastic 50 % sweet & 50 % sarcastic please~
Looks or Personality HAHA, coming from me..well,u'd know the answer ;)
List in order from the first to last thing you look at (physically)?

Race preference Asians are better ;D
Hold Hands With U Anywhere? of course!
Should he watch chick-flicks? haha,with me only!
serious or humorous? I must have both
Age? age is just a number dudeeee ;)

Finish The Line . . .
I wish to have the life I wanna have
My heart is crazy for MBLAQ now ^____^
End This With A Quote "I like it like that" from THUNDER of MBLAQ

yeahhhhh haha weeee~

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