Thursday, October 15

Hot debut

I'm not gonna say much coz I have to switch off the pc in like,a min.
but I just couldn't not post MBLAQ's debut stage on Mnet countdown tonight.
my god,they're not as hot as u think. They're better! hahaa,watch for urself

haha,maybe no to some. but just listen to my babbling will ya?
their dancing is so awesome! esp the intro.
I just wanna like, learn it & dance like there's no tommorow xD
the many comments I made after watching it;
ohmy, Mir is hot yo!♥♥
GO looks kinda like Taeyang a bit with his big sunglasses
Lee joon's smile melted me and that pulling-up his shirt action helped ;)
Dara's bro,Cheong Dun is hawt and looks like her twin!
Seung ho,better hair colour than from the MV :D he's hotter now!
I may have gotten a wee bit crazy about them.
But hey, no complaining. This is my blog HAHAA

oh yeah,oh yeah,oh yeah
(haha,no dirty thoughts allowed!)

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