Wednesday, October 14

hey lonelyboy999

morning yo!

I'm downloading MBLAQ's album now and gonna download B2ST's album later so I got some free time on my hands.
oh,B2ST is now BEAST.
ahaa,that's predictable.and MBLAQ just released
their MV of oh yeah.
it's making me oh yeah-ing like they're some kind of drug or something xD

le covers for each album(:they're awesome

oh oh,something happened to me yesterday. It was like,so weird.
While I was getting myself drunk with
T-Ara & Supernova's song TTL-time to love,which kinda reflects on my situation right now.kinda.only A BIT.
well anyway,after reading the subs for the song which was conveniently put on the MV on youtube,
I received a text from an anonymous sender. The number was so.. nice.haha. the dude asked me whether I was free enough to meet him later that evening. Because PMR is over so he wanna meet & stuff.

I asked,"Who is this?" he replied with a rude sms saying
"dun need to know.say wan or dunwan" something like that.
I was already annoyed as I can't even hear the song playing on my pc.
So I just wrote "Dunwan." I seriously thought it was over & stuff..but oh,nooo.
he's not finish till he gets what he wants.
he replied saying who he is & that he wanna meet me & shit.
Turns out that he's my 4 months ex and wanna do over.bahaha, no wonder that his sms sounded so familiar,so chinese-like.
but pfft, too late for that dear.
I was totally not in the mood after what he did.such a rude bust-tart lol.
so I strongly replied,"dunwan la,for wat?" and until now,he didn't say anything.not a word.
and I believe he's not ever gonna say anything to me anymore.I hope.
I just have no idea what to do with this kinda guys.

Just when you thought you have left the memories behind,they come back and mess with your life.
haihh..Imma tell about him to his best friend and see what the bestie can do for me HAHAA.
look out GG betch.LOL

out for lunch

ps I can finally tell the diff between MBLAQ's Lee Joon & Cheol Yong. You know how hard it was ?
They are so like.. twins O.o haha,weeeeeee

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