Saturday, October 31

hallo hallo ween

hell oh

It was raining the whole day..God,I love this kind of weather. Makes you wanna sleep the whole way through the rain HAHA
I died yesterday night when I find out that the internet was down. Apparently, the 'big' station in bkt kemuning was heavily struck by thunders yesterday. Go figure.Thank God the internet is backkkk cause I seriously decided to spend the remaining halloween night watching the simpsons halloween marathon like I do every year. but not anymore HAH wee

oh, MBLAQ vs BEAST round 5 on music bank!
Guess who watched it? MEH. ahaa.. I was like fangirling when I saw them coming out in red & black
ohmigoshhhh my 2 fav colours
Joon was kinda like wanna laugh when he pulled up his was soo cutee!!
*sigh they're awesome! can't wait for moreeeee


I've watched BEAST's performance too while my mom was talking on the phone haha,pityyy
anyway, I was wishing for AJ Gi kwang to tear his shirt but he didn't haihhhh.___.
and SHINee's performance :D
Pratically I've watched the whole show. even Secret's per it wasn't so bad..
JQT is boredom to the max,seriously.

MBLAQ vs BEAST round 6 on mnet
Well,I'm buffering both vids now so I can't comment anything yet honestly.
But I know that they're gonna be hot heee

A weirddd countdown clock appeared on 2PM's official website. Around 42:30:22 and counting till..who knows what.
Jay's comeback?hopefully! Some smart hottests counted and it appears the clock will stop on 2nd NOV,mon at 1.59PM
hemmm...weird much? read here.

familiar much? HAHA
for those who have no idea what I'm talking about is that
oversized-hoodies are soo in for me rite now.
heck,I've been wearing one all day long as it's soo cold todayy..A blue hoodie that is and it's my bro's.
*shhh don't tell him and it's soo comfy..try it--MIR & Jonghyun joined me* wink

AND my official song of this year's halloween is drum roll please! *drum drum lah
will be revealed after I've found the vid bahaha!

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