Thursday, October 22

G.O.O.D Luv

hey yoh

I'm sorry but I tried my very best to stay away from the pc today. But the other side of me just won't budge.
Even if I'm sick,I feel like writing. That's good rite?

And thank god I did too. I found this super cute Fanmade MV of A.N Jell--from the drama 'You're Beautiful'-- and I love it!
Mostly cause Hongki made me drool a lil. But hey,no one's complaining *wink

And MBLAQ was on starry Night Radio--again!
GO did some sick vocals (but I don't know the song tho-.-")--in 2nd vid, I swear I wanted to cry :O
Leader Seungho with that ahhdorable smile 24/7! don't forget Mir with his smile ;)
and you'll just have to see the vid to find out what Joon & Thunder do that made me turn fangirl-to-the-max mode HAHAA

I'm still not going to school tomorrow :D
seems like no one is going.. They kinda 'boycott' the school rite now.
Like iHOTTESTs are doing with the 6-member 2PM's CF
I have no idea what to do about this. I mean, I want Jay backk desperately
But isn't there another way? Cause it looks like the situation is getting harder in a way that, 6PM is hurting..
erghhhh.. JYP say something!! *sigh Just have to wait & see

Oh and allkpop said something that KBS2--which we got in our astro package-- are gonna do this documentary about Jay's life in Seattle after the controversy. It'll air on saturday night,I think. I guess that'll be good enough considering they've cancelled music bank this friday--which was suppose to be MBLAQ's debut on music bank & also SS501's big comeback--for a live-telecast of the baseball league game thingy *woohoo
Don't ask me which league but it's big. People these days can't understand the needs
of a teenage girl to watch cute-hot-sexy guys perform on a live stage..
pfffttt this is a conspiracy! +__+


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