Sunday, October 25

Generation Dead

hey all

I've been busy,not. Well,I've started to read this ahmazing novel called "Generation Dead" by Daniel Waters.
Yes it's another love story. Everyone should know I adore love stories.
But 'Generation Dead' is diff from any other love stories I have read. It's about zombies. 'Living impaired' as they call it. It's also kinda like 'twilight' but with a twist. It's so much diff from the perky novel 'Second Skin' which I have finish reading last week. And it's definately thicker. Gosh I love it. And it also has a sequel to it call 'kiss of life'
CAN'T WAITT!!! *my geeky-story-books-love voice*

I sometimes wonder where my obssesion of love stories come from. My dad was so into the crime stories way back when..and as a science student she was,my mom loves to read sci-fi. My bro jumps from spying people to Archie comics..and me..well,lost. My mom said her sis--my auntie--love love stories. I knew that I was somehow her daughter cause all of the common things that we share to love.

oh well,gotta go eat now.
Will update later ;)

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