Wednesday, October 28

Drunk aren't you?

h e y a l l

Sorry I haven't been here for a while. Just lazy T.T
I have loads of things on my mind ..goshh,where to start.__.
check the dozens of news about Thunder & MBLAQ on allkpop

okay,so..I did go to school on monday & today. scratch tuesday..they had this stupid games that I obviously didn't find interest in. Played Monopoly Star wars edition with the guys + Icha tho. It was fun :D and we got a new addition to the group from 3G *clapclap
we gossiped & stuff lol
Found out that a form 5 girl is preggy! And because of a guy from seafield. HAHAA
Ouh,we stayed in the hall for the rest of the day after listening to the automative thingy in there *yawn
Thank God, the cutest dude of form 3--Dee sat beside me. Or I'll die. And I swear someone turned green behind me after watching me chatting with Dee HAHA,pity. Green as in envy x]
yes I'm sure he's the cutest dude there omg ahhh!!

Hanged with Khai just now. Of course with Icha too. He's so fun!
We didn't have time to stop because we had to do this & that and well,u know..gossiped~haha
fyi,Berlian = Loser!xD
They still had mindless games going on so we became the 'unofficial judges'.
The teacher didn't mind..she likes me;)
We also met my cuzzie, Ajim~he's soo cutee that icha likes him too RAWRR!
went back & eat,sleep for like,3 hours O.o
God, I'm such a pigㅋㅋㅋ

Brown Eyed Girls- 잠에 취해 (Drunk On Sleep)

I love this song!! It totally fits with the whole rain & fall as in,season. So emo-ish & just gives you that sad feeling..AHHHH can't wait for more!!
I tried to find Big bang's new MV 'Let me listen to your voice' but it's gone :O
because of some copyright issues*sigh
don't they know sharing is caring?!?!

Tablo from Epik High just got married.
And ohmigosh the bride is lovely. They look awesome together. Congrats^___^

*I'll decide and you shall wait

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