Tuesday, October 20

Called you yesterday..

Hey yaw!

I didn't go to school. Oh wait,yea I did for about 4 hours then I called my mom to bail me out of that prison.
My God, that chong-chong ah..like,really bossy..and yucky. She didn't let anyone out of the school without the parent(s) there. So yea..good thing I'm like 40% sick & all. She hates sick people. It's like a phobia.

Oh well,good thing I did manage to pass up all of my text book. And I did talk to some people I never talk to before while waiting for the teachers to give us some games or some shit.
I get to know this philipino girl, Ricia a lot better. And I found out this nerdy girl likes Arashi yeyyyy *clapclap*
dudee..It's been a while since I talk about JE people.it felt like,my love for them is now brighter,kekeke..

ouh,ouh..and our class got this big hamper as a prize for having the nicest class during the independence-month.
HAHA,I didn't know we even put flags in our class. Cause like, I barely go to school that month.
Study maa xD
Oh,so we ate in the almost empty hall. Most of 3F were already back home or not.
so there was like,only7-8 people. And obviously,I was the only malay there.
YEA, big shocker. Chin mei also commented on that,

chin mei/me/they all**some translated from chinese yea

wahh..Iman the only malay here ah?
no..u only one malay here la..
ohh..no la..I'm not malay la! I'm korean,korean.
haha,yea..forgot liao
we had fun(: took some cookies & tiny misc stuff.
Then I go byebye to them & run off to meet my mom out of the school.
bla,bla,bla..I'm here :D

and still loving MBLAQ

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