Sunday, October 18

A boy

I woke up without a voice this morning. It seems that it ran away cause I was karaoke-ing too much of
MBLAQ's oh yeah this past few days HAHA. anyways I got some meds & now it looks like karaoke time for me again! :D

oh, found an international forum for my love of MBLAQ. go here is you wish to join :]
again,my username is naminami weee~
today's inkigayo was one word; aweeesome!
Kara's final stage promoting their song 'mister', GD with A boy && my fav part MBLAQ & BEAST shared the same it must have been really intense huh?
knowing they're eye to eye when it comes to hotness.well..for now..
I can't find BEAST's performance on youtube so I'm just gonna post MBLAQ's stage *biased* xD

see u tommorow!(:

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