Thursday, October 29

Boom is going..


today is a sad day. Lee minho aka Boom, is leaving for the army..
and he's only coming back in 2011. God,what will the stars do without him?!
I'm sure I'll miss him & his wacky stuff on countless variety shows ;;_;;

anyways.. Today was a fun day,seriously. I didn't get that much sleep yesterday night so I was a teeny bit hyper.
Okay, a lot hyper xD
Me & Icha ohmigod,where to start?
there was a talk about Sekolah teknik or something..
I didn't listen that much,was talking with the dudes although we sat in front and I know we pissed the dude off but hey,he's bored. And we're not interested anyway. Some part of the talk was okay tho.
When he was being so xxx & stuff LOL

after recess, a bunch of people from SeGi College came & played some games with us,for fun :D
The only guy from the group who is a total bishie melted my heart like, instantly
He has eyes like Leader Seungho but an ohmigosh smile like Joon's
OMG,can you imagine?*faints
I wanted to take a pic but he was always moving grrr.___.
Gawd, I don't know what else to say except we had loads of fun
oh,they are from the montessori department or something
and the 'boss' there commented our group of ten saying
"I like you really creative"
hahaa yeahh of course! when you got someone like me who has a brain like a 5 year-old HAHAA

oh, here's Big Bang's new MV that I promised hehe

Going to sleep ah hee

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