Friday, October 16


BEAST had their debut stage on Music Bank earlier this evening.
and I had the chance to watch it on tv since KBS world is on yeaa..
I must say, they're good. They rocked it.esp AJ--Gi kwang!!weee
damn hot weiyh! I miss him dancing on music bank*drools*

err anyways, the comments for their performance(which was already posted on youtube)
are really positive. stuff like "I like them they're so Big Bang-ish",
"I think they're better than MBLAQ"
that scared me. seriously, dudeeee..I think MBLAQ is so awesome.
I mean,coming from Rain & all..they gotta be awesome.. but I respect that coz I guess diff people have diff styles. The world don't move to only one beat *forgot the lyrics*
haha, I remember that from kickin it old skool.that movie was hillariously funnydumb! xD

ohhh, where was I?lol
so I was CLOUDs (fans of MBLAQ) better stick together!
I haven't find out what BEAST's fanclub is time!

in the mean while, enjoy this vid of BEAST with 'bad girl' yea..that's me ;) ahahabahahaaa!

I just found out about K.Will. and oh my God!
I mean, first my baby, Hyun joong got H1N1 now the dude who sings ballad really well got it?!?!
this is a conspiracy!!ahh~Jaebum style ;D
hope he gets better soon!♥♥
and he was suppose to make a comeback on music bank next week.
but because of this, his plans are all canceled WHOA, SCARYYY
pity..and I was so looking to that too!
looks like me and thousands other fans have to wait..haihhzz..
october is truly a month of bad luck don't u think?

take care & don't get h1n1 yea

may u have a wonderful bday :D :D
your crazy fangirl from malaysia ;)
xoxo muahx!♥♥

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