Saturday, October 31


PARAMORE- misguided ghosts

so depressing yet,so relaxing.. you know?

tae yang sound a bit spookier now yeyyy!
which fits with the whole halloween mood :D :D
aliks has done so many other mash-ups that I can't stop listening too
suscribe to ALIKSTAE now!!
haha,I sound so commercial-ly-.-"

oh yea
I know we don't celebrate but hey, we still believe in santa clause ;)
he he he heee *evil witch laugh*

take care and remember;

hallo hallo ween

hell oh

It was raining the whole day..God,I love this kind of weather. Makes you wanna sleep the whole way through the rain HAHA
I died yesterday night when I find out that the internet was down. Apparently, the 'big' station in bkt kemuning was heavily struck by thunders yesterday. Go figure.Thank God the internet is backkkk cause I seriously decided to spend the remaining halloween night watching the simpsons halloween marathon like I do every year. but not anymore HAH wee

oh, MBLAQ vs BEAST round 5 on music bank!
Guess who watched it? MEH. ahaa.. I was like fangirling when I saw them coming out in red & black
ohmigoshhhh my 2 fav colours
Joon was kinda like wanna laugh when he pulled up his was soo cutee!!
*sigh they're awesome! can't wait for moreeeee


I've watched BEAST's performance too while my mom was talking on the phone haha,pityyy
anyway, I was wishing for AJ Gi kwang to tear his shirt but he didn't haihhhh.___.
and SHINee's performance :D
Pratically I've watched the whole show. even Secret's per it wasn't so bad..
JQT is boredom to the max,seriously.

MBLAQ vs BEAST round 6 on mnet
Well,I'm buffering both vids now so I can't comment anything yet honestly.
But I know that they're gonna be hot heee

A weirddd countdown clock appeared on 2PM's official website. Around 42:30:22 and counting till..who knows what.
Jay's comeback?hopefully! Some smart hottests counted and it appears the clock will stop on 2nd NOV,mon at 1.59PM
hemmm...weird much? read here.

familiar much? HAHA
for those who have no idea what I'm talking about is that
oversized-hoodies are soo in for me rite now.
heck,I've been wearing one all day long as it's soo cold todayy..A blue hoodie that is and it's my bro's.
*shhh don't tell him and it's soo comfy..try it--MIR & Jonghyun joined me* wink

AND my official song of this year's halloween is drum roll please! *drum drum lah
will be revealed after I've found the vid bahaha!

Thursday, October 29

Boom is going..


today is a sad day. Lee minho aka Boom, is leaving for the army..
and he's only coming back in 2011. God,what will the stars do without him?!
I'm sure I'll miss him & his wacky stuff on countless variety shows ;;_;;

anyways.. Today was a fun day,seriously. I didn't get that much sleep yesterday night so I was a teeny bit hyper.
Okay, a lot hyper xD
Me & Icha ohmigod,where to start?
there was a talk about Sekolah teknik or something..
I didn't listen that much,was talking with the dudes although we sat in front and I know we pissed the dude off but hey,he's bored. And we're not interested anyway. Some part of the talk was okay tho.
When he was being so xxx & stuff LOL

after recess, a bunch of people from SeGi College came & played some games with us,for fun :D
The only guy from the group who is a total bishie melted my heart like, instantly
He has eyes like Leader Seungho but an ohmigosh smile like Joon's
OMG,can you imagine?*faints
I wanted to take a pic but he was always moving grrr.___.
Gawd, I don't know what else to say except we had loads of fun
oh,they are from the montessori department or something
and the 'boss' there commented our group of ten saying
"I like you really creative"
hahaa yeahh of course! when you got someone like me who has a brain like a 5 year-old HAHAA

oh, here's Big Bang's new MV that I promised hehe

Going to sleep ah hee

Wednesday, October 28

My Autobiography with colours!

Share Rules:Once you've been tagged, Fill this out IN YOUR OWN WORDS and re-post as, "My Autobiography" ...
And use your own answers, not anyone else 's (like duhh)

1. Where did you take your profile pic?
//my room
2. What exactly are you wearing right now?
//shirt & my fav pyjama bottoms :D
3. What is your current problem?
//The know
4. What makes you happy most?
//I'll tell when I find out
5. What's the name of the song that you're listening to?
//SHINee- get down *I'm a cool cat miawww! Key is LOVE!! xD
6. Any celeb you would marry?
7. Name someone/persons with the same birthday as you
//err..Shige of NEWS & Im Su Jung of Sorry I love you--I Don't really know anyone other than that tho lol
8. Ever sang in front of a large audience?
//NO :D
9. Has anyone ever said you looked like a celebrity?
//haha,yea O.o
10. Do you still watch kiddy movies or kiddie TV shows?
//I'm still a kid dammit!
11. Do you speak any other languages than English?
//yeah..I love to learn other language!
12. Has anyone you've been really close passed away?
//yes u.u
13. Do you ever watch MTV?
//almost all the time
14. What's something that really annoys you?
//not much,really. But I do annoy people tho(:

Chapter 1
1. Middle name: Don't have one
2. Nickname(s): naminami, sexy LOL xD
3. Current location: Not where you're at
4. Eye color: I don't really mom says it's brown-black but it changes sometime.___.

Chapter 2
1. Do you get along with your parent(s): Ok,ok lorhh
2.Are your parents married/separated/divorced? Married for a long time d HEEE.

Chapter 3 : Favourites
1. Ice Cream: Chocolate!
2. Season: now!
3. Shampoo/conditioner: Herbal essence & Loreal heee
4. Favorite Thing: my phone!

Chapter 4: Do You..
1. Dance in the shower?: no,I'll fall
2. Do you write on your hand?: HAHAA yes
3. Call people back?: No,I usually wait for them to call prepaid maa!haha
4. Believe in God?: YES
5. Any bad habits? Don't think so
6. Any mental health issues? hopefully no :D

Chapter 5: Have You..
1. Sprained stuff: Never.
2. Had physical therapy? Nope.
3. Gotten stitches? NOO
4. Taken painkillers: A lot. I love those stuff!♡♡
5. Gone scuba diving or snorkeling: no,I hate waterr!
6. Thrown up at the dentist: dudeee NO haha
7. Sworn in front of your parents? no
8. Had detention? no yeyyyy

Chapter 6: Who/What was the last
1. Three people who texted you: Tiqa,Icha & Syaza
2. Person you called: Icha's bro :o
4. Person you tackled?: err..haha *shuts mouth
5. Person you talked to on MSN?:Ricia
6. Thing you touched? my cup of teaaa
7. Thing you ate? : cookies!
8. Thing you drank: Tea,I told you-.-""
9. Thing you said: OHMIGOSH **when I saw MIR so finee ;)
10. Friend you saw ytd(12am-12am): a lot lah!


Anyone (:

Drunk aren't you?

h e y a l l

Sorry I haven't been here for a while. Just lazy T.T
I have loads of things on my mind ..goshh,where to start.__.
check the dozens of news about Thunder & MBLAQ on allkpop

okay,so..I did go to school on monday & today. scratch tuesday..they had this stupid games that I obviously didn't find interest in. Played Monopoly Star wars edition with the guys + Icha tho. It was fun :D and we got a new addition to the group from 3G *clapclap
we gossiped & stuff lol
Found out that a form 5 girl is preggy! And because of a guy from seafield. HAHAA
Ouh,we stayed in the hall for the rest of the day after listening to the automative thingy in there *yawn
Thank God, the cutest dude of form 3--Dee sat beside me. Or I'll die. And I swear someone turned green behind me after watching me chatting with Dee HAHA,pity. Green as in envy x]
yes I'm sure he's the cutest dude there omg ahhh!!

Hanged with Khai just now. Of course with Icha too. He's so fun!
We didn't have time to stop because we had to do this & that and well,u know..gossiped~haha
fyi,Berlian = Loser!xD
They still had mindless games going on so we became the 'unofficial judges'.
The teacher didn't mind..she likes me;)
We also met my cuzzie, Ajim~he's soo cutee that icha likes him too RAWRR!
went back & eat,sleep for like,3 hours O.o
God, I'm such a pigㅋㅋㅋ

Brown Eyed Girls- 잠에 취해 (Drunk On Sleep)

I love this song!! It totally fits with the whole rain & fall as in,season. So emo-ish & just gives you that sad feeling..AHHHH can't wait for more!!
I tried to find Big bang's new MV 'Let me listen to your voice' but it's gone :O
because of some copyright issues*sigh
don't they know sharing is caring?!?!

Tablo from Epik High just got married.
And ohmigosh the bride is lovely. They look awesome together. Congrats^___^

*I'll decide and you shall wait

Sunday, October 25

Oh yeah Bad girl!

I'm back~muahaha!

OhmiGoddd,I just heard the most awesomeness news that just made my dayyy
LEE MINHO IS COMING TO TOWN!! omg,omg,omg! *fangirl squels*
I knew that he was in singapore yesterday but didn't know that he gonna be stopping by here for the etude promotion..eekkk!!wahhhh~!!
but of course I have like 1% to none chance of going to breath the air that he's gonna breath:(
he's coming to sungei wang. But oh well, if you're going bring me back at least a pic of him or else...!

MBLAQ's 5th visit to starry Night Radio. And can I just say Leader Seungho's piano skills are so brilliant!
God,he's awesome. GO smooth it out while Thunder's soft voice reminded me of Jay's rapping voice.a bit.
While my 2 Boo,MIR & Joon watched.ohmygAHHH they're HOT!

and yesterday's Music Core was no diff. It was MBLAQ vs BEAST round 2 *dingdingding*
allkpop stated that MBLAQ won the first round last week *clapclapyeahh!*
but omg,they both rocked it!hard.

Which one?that is the question. For me, MBLAQ did a great job & I think it was their best far ;D
Don't you love looking at them in black & white?WAAAAA~ Joon & MIR is LOVE

But BEAST's performance was great too. I love seunghyun..he's like so innocent & shy!
and,and Doo Joon..ouu! and Gi kwang! My God,he's hot!brrrr *faints*

watch out for the MAMA awards coming on 21st NOV, 7 PM on channel V!


Generation Dead

hey all

I've been busy,not. Well,I've started to read this ahmazing novel called "Generation Dead" by Daniel Waters.
Yes it's another love story. Everyone should know I adore love stories.
But 'Generation Dead' is diff from any other love stories I have read. It's about zombies. 'Living impaired' as they call it. It's also kinda like 'twilight' but with a twist. It's so much diff from the perky novel 'Second Skin' which I have finish reading last week. And it's definately thicker. Gosh I love it. And it also has a sequel to it call 'kiss of life'
CAN'T WAITT!!! *my geeky-story-books-love voice*

I sometimes wonder where my obssesion of love stories come from. My dad was so into the crime stories way back when..and as a science student she was,my mom loves to read sci-fi. My bro jumps from spying people to Archie comics..and me..well,lost. My mom said her sis--my auntie--love love stories. I knew that I was somehow her daughter cause all of the common things that we share to love.

oh well,gotta go eat now.
Will update later ;)

Thursday, October 22

G.O.O.D Luv

hey yoh

I'm sorry but I tried my very best to stay away from the pc today. But the other side of me just won't budge.
Even if I'm sick,I feel like writing. That's good rite?

And thank god I did too. I found this super cute Fanmade MV of A.N Jell--from the drama 'You're Beautiful'-- and I love it!
Mostly cause Hongki made me drool a lil. But hey,no one's complaining *wink

And MBLAQ was on starry Night Radio--again!
GO did some sick vocals (but I don't know the song tho-.-")--in 2nd vid, I swear I wanted to cry :O
Leader Seungho with that ahhdorable smile 24/7! don't forget Mir with his smile ;)
and you'll just have to see the vid to find out what Joon & Thunder do that made me turn fangirl-to-the-max mode HAHAA

I'm still not going to school tomorrow :D
seems like no one is going.. They kinda 'boycott' the school rite now.
Like iHOTTESTs are doing with the 6-member 2PM's CF
I have no idea what to do about this. I mean, I want Jay backk desperately
But isn't there another way? Cause it looks like the situation is getting harder in a way that, 6PM is hurting..
erghhhh.. JYP say something!! *sigh Just have to wait & see

Oh and allkpop said something that KBS2--which we got in our astro package-- are gonna do this documentary about Jay's life in Seattle after the controversy. It'll air on saturday night,I think. I guess that'll be good enough considering they've cancelled music bank this friday--which was suppose to be MBLAQ's debut on music bank & also SS501's big comeback--for a live-telecast of the baseball league game thingy *woohoo
Don't ask me which league but it's big. People these days can't understand the needs
of a teenage girl to watch cute-hot-sexy guys perform on a live stage..
pfffttt this is a conspiracy! +__+


Wednesday, October 21

My voice is sexayyy ;)

hey yea yaw yo

and no, I didn't undergo a voice transplant or anything. It's just that I'm down with the flu *hachooOoooO!*
it's not the bird flu like duhh! annoying-.- really. My doctor said I smoke too much. gosh, and when I thought I didn't have enough
kidding! I don't smoke.
I mean, I do smoke. Does second-hand smoker counts?
LOL, forget about the smoking.
I have the whole 'post-exam-syndrome' package or PES like mummy
call it. blocked nose & everything.
I feel like sleeping..but I can't..cause I'm not at school LOL

oh,I found out that TOP.AZ's MV is now banned from KBS. no wonder. The MV is like so, porn-ish..
consisting of sticks-like-girls & cute guys HAHAA
They're a disgrace to their name,TOP as in TOP of Big Bang

There are more news but my head is already cramped up from all the medicine I've been taking.
I seriously need to rest.
Gonna update more later tho, I think

don't you fall sick too

Tuesday, October 20

Called you yesterday..

Hey yaw!

I didn't go to school. Oh wait,yea I did for about 4 hours then I called my mom to bail me out of that prison.
My God, that chong-chong,really bossy..and yucky. She didn't let anyone out of the school without the parent(s) there. So yea..good thing I'm like 40% sick & all. She hates sick people. It's like a phobia.

Oh well,good thing I did manage to pass up all of my text book. And I did talk to some people I never talk to before while waiting for the teachers to give us some games or some shit.
I get to know this philipino girl, Ricia a lot better. And I found out this nerdy girl likes Arashi yeyyyy *clapclap*
dudee..It's been a while since I talk about JE felt like,my love for them is now brighter,kekeke..

ouh,ouh..and our class got this big hamper as a prize for having the nicest class during the independence-month.
HAHA,I didn't know we even put flags in our class. Cause like, I barely go to school that month.
Study maa xD
Oh,so we ate in the almost empty hall. Most of 3F were already back home or not.
so there was like,only7-8 people. And obviously,I was the only malay there.
YEA, big shocker. Chin mei also commented on that,

chin mei/me/they all**some translated from chinese yea

wahh..Iman the only malay here ah?
no..u only one malay here la.. la..I'm not malay la! I'm korean,korean.
haha,yea..forgot liao
we had fun(: took some cookies & tiny misc stuff.
Then I go byebye to them & run off to meet my mom out of the school.
bla,bla,bla..I'm here :D

and still loving MBLAQ