Saturday, September 5

The wildest bunnies u'll ever meet(:

hey yo sup
I've watched the 6th ep of wild bunny yesterday actually but I was to tired to update on it-.-"
the vids were so fresh(with subs) that only like,300++ ppl have
watch it.and now,wat..1000++ viewers?hehe..addicted.

the show was awesome,as always :D
wooyounggie was awesomely,he got that 'little boy boy' feel to him rite?
and plus,with that apple hair..I just can't look at

I swear they were really mean to taec.I mean,the dude got no voice
so they took advantage of,there was this one part where taec had to receive a punishment from Jay took out a masking tape and like,wax taec's leg hair.I was like 'omg dudeeee' he was like 'ahhh!!!!' but no voice maa

they even got a pool in that place!how cool is that?funny how Wooyoung was on a toy-whale and doing this position where u can thing about something else u know?and Jay was like "ohh C!wooyounggie wat u doing?" lolol xD
and Junsu still wasn't there;( ahhh yea~wooyoung wasn't in part 3 & 4 coz he got err vocal knot or nickhun was rather lonely..hahaa xD
Chansung is hot.I love his laugh
Junho too heee~

O.o"""" poor taec.haha
I wanna rite some more but I'm scared that it'll bored to to death so yeaa hahaa..
oh go to>> --support leadja!it's about they
'I think korea is gay' quote by him like,5 yrs agoo..

go coz u know u can't resist the smile rite?lolss xD

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