Thursday, September 3

liars lie,lovers love

hey yo

haven't been updating so much.sorry for that
been studying lah..gosh,suddenly I miss my blog HAHA-.-"

today my post will be based on 'liars'. It's a fact,or u can even call it common sense that everyone lies.good or bad,people lie. Don't ask me why.anyways,I got so many people in my life that are serial,they lie all the time.mostly girls btw(LOL)

so I got this one friend from tution rite.let's call her nataloco..well,nataloco is smart.the type that only hangs with other girls to talk bout their own world.yes,that type.Truth to be told,I never really like her that much as I find her really annoying.I mean,she acts like a little kid that is new in the's like,ur typical malay kinda thing.

So when I told her that I got a bf months agoo she was like "oouu I c" but the next week,when I met her again she was like "my bf is this & that" I was like,"for real,how long?" she replied; "yea..since I was 12 yrs old"I mean,she acted all suprise & stuff that I got a bf & didn't even mention her 'so-called bf' once in the conversation we had last week..and now,this?this girl is not real.and get this.she even lie for her bestie,Ama(not real name) saying Ama got a bf.ok,this pushed me down the cliff..a girl like ama,skinny like a stick with a tudung & not that cute annoying laugh has a bf?I just went along as I didn't want to emberass them.

Big Lie #2
she asked me last week "have u gotten ur first kiss?" and showed me this cartoon pic on her cell.I was like "yea..y?" they both Ama,Nataloco stopped their work & stared at me in shockness and was like "really?" I was like I asked her "u?" nataloco went like ""so I was like,"oohh" then Ama looked at nataloco yadda,yadda asked,"with who?" I was like,blah blah. she was suprised & dunno y suddenly said " I also got..long time ago" oh gosh.I played along,again.."ohh really?with who?" she said with her so-called bf in singapore.HAHAA

then,then this happened;
why u dun have a phone?
because I dun one wants to text or call me anyways bout bf?(playing)
meet outside,better rite?
ohh hahaa swt

I wanted to laugh so hard coz she was totally,obviously lying that u can see her shaking!
omg,that suck-ish of her,I mean them don't u think?it's desperate. can't believe there's people like this's so sad.they don't have dignity.omg.omg.LOLOLOL xD
but at the same time,I'm mad. stupid ppl like to wate my time with their not-logical lies.I mean,make a better one will ya?haihhh
it's like they say "don't lie to a liar" so remember to not lie to me yea?;)

and by any chance that ur here nataloco & ama,I just wanna say keep up the good work and don't ever forget to lie to me key?hahaa xD
lots of love,Iman.
[[sorry for the essay.I'm bored._.]]

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