Tuesday, September 22

RAYA ness ;D

It's the 3rd day of Raya..but I don't feel that 'raya-ism' yet.
but I do have PMR-panicness damn it.
oh I'm back in subang from Perak(: which was ok,ok so-so..haha..
here's a quick update on wat's been happening


woke up at like 6++ coz the damn air-cond was so crazily cold at the homestay house.
bath bath went to the granma's house by car lol..the old people already woke up..plus one or two of my cuzzies..
ate,ate..the rest woke up coz of our loud voices..
compliment my nice && also matching-coloured baju kurung.props for that.
some kids raya at the house.we didn't as my other cuzzies are at Arab:( I miss themmmmmm
and because the older ppl say we're to old for that kinda stuff..sdafliuahfgicv xD
no lunch,just grandma's bday cake.
watched ppl get pissed by kanye's actions.
on the VMA with my sleeping mom,bro && some cuzzies who were like,coming & going..
play,play,dinner && sleep after tonnes of sms at that place which is so unstable..line-wise.


woke up at 9+++ didn't set alarm clock.my bro had to wake me up.
fortunately they've finished packing to go back later that afternoon.
bat,bath ++ some pringles & off to grandma's house..
again,the ppl at granma's house died on their bed.lazy pigs HAHAA
ate,ate some mee goreng which was awesomely delish!
kuih raya,kuih raya && tv.
watched MKMF 07 on 8tv with some cuzzies while the other ppl had to tolerate annoying korean songs HAHA pity.
some ppl came..dunno who..
Big bang,suju,wonder girls && a few I-dunno-who performed.
it was 2007 for God's sake lolsss
in the car before 12.30pm without lunch.
arrived at home at around 3pm & ate lunch at the sister's kopitiam where I had mee teow soup hee~
and the rest of the day will bored u to death.


planning to go to the other grandma's house(papa's side) in ampang.
will update on that later.

ps sorry,no pics.tooooo lazy heeee(:

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