Sunday, September 6


morning,morning..the sun has arise.
The souls of sleepy men awake.
The stomach of many others grumble finding food to be eaten.
But what a sad & pitiful little thing.
It is a fasting day dear stomach.
No food are alowed until it is dawn.
Alas,the stomach said "I shall wait and maybe look at some 2PM pictures to meditate with"
And I did what I was told,
And remembered that I have forgotten to post about the Mnet's 20 choice award
"One of the most exciting award and you forgotten master?" the stomach asked in an angry tone
"yes,but I am going to write about it now and maybe attach it to a video with it"

everything about it was sexy, cute, hot, amazing, WOW
its so good to see our junsu back :)
GAHH. junho and woo's dance cut, was ADORABLE fricking

I envy that damn girl.__.
kyaaa~2pm is love :) like,aigoo~can't stop watching it!!
espacially the omg-they're-wet part at the end.I died.

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