Tuesday, September 8


**warning:may contain strong language that's not suitable for children under the age of 5**

hey yo

I just got back from school.and the first thing I do was going to allkpop just to find a heart breaking news.
yea,it's about Jay. Guess wat? He quits 2PM & JYPE.he quits.he quits!
I still can't believe this.
and it's just because of the stupid
myspace controversy that happened like,5 yrs ago.

I tell u,netizens aka anti 2PM are WHACKED.I mean,the past is the past damn it.
and he wrote that bcoz he was like,under pressure & stuff.coz he trained for like,12 hrs a day?
and if that's not enough..he was new to the korean world.adapting to the new world can be so tough..haihhhhhh omg.I wanna cry.lol

fuckin shit ass netizens even did a petition to make Jay kill himself.wa liau.that's pushing eveything off the edge.
fuckers with no brains.

Let me tell u this netizens.Jaebum is the soul of 2PM.and 2PM is like my soul..and every hottest.
without him..fuhhhhhhh
wahhhh~ Jay will go back to the usa today at 530pm if I'm correct.
pfftt..I don't fell like studying but exam is tommorow.so depressed rite now..wahhhhhhhhhhhhh
come back JAEBUM!!!!!!!!!!!Don't leave ur hottests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but I think he's making the rite decision..I mean,if he stays in the world,mania-tic world of korea they won't receive him the way they use to.so yeaa...
omg,JAEBUM!!!!!PROMISE ME u'll be succesfull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't ever give up.FIGHTING!!
this is worse than having 2PM'a album release date postponed.and totally,totally worse than having all of 2PM's activities cancelled..
omg.omg.2PM fighting!!!!!
join 2OD to support 2PM and also 2AM.
**I wanted to put links of Jay's news from allkpop.but it ain't working..freakin hell.maybe I'll put it up later..

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