Wednesday, September 30

Just give it up,give it up

hey hi yoh

depressing much?
I feel like dying ..I don't know.
PMR is family is like this gpqsraasufioghui!!*@@*$094 and so on
and I thought I can get through this..
I'm an optimistic u see
On the outside,I always smile.always laugh.and all those fuzzy stuff
but inside of me..I am such a negative person,a hypocrite
and sometimes I show it,sometimes I don't
depends on the situation & also the people around me

having a bad day is normal for me..
but I am also a human that needs to have fun,to be with people I wanna be with..
to be anything that I wanna be..
seems like I won't be going anywhere if I don't do anything..
so I started my 'doing something' by posting this half-emo post.
since I'm not at school & stuff..hihihi

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