Saturday, September 12


hey yohh

tiring few days. study,Jay,study,Jay..yea,my life is full of it.
exam started on wednesday but duhh I didn't go. I did go on thursday tho.eng papers.
we had geog & chinese papers yesterday..during chinese paper,I sat with the chinese group..the other end of the class..coz I didn't want to mix with malays too much(they're loud xD) so yeahh..
Collin,the dude who's sitting beside me suddenly gave me his brush & ink and asked me to write some chinese I did.I copied his examples. and duuudeeee I think I did a good job *winkwink*
but collin ah~he just laughed lol. I just played with the brush.good stuff,fun ah.hee~I find the english objective paper not that hard.So I finished quite early then I go to sleep. When I was about to put my head on the table,the dunno-wat-teacher pat on my shoulder & asked "Iman dah siap?" I was like O.o "dah" & thought how did she know my name?

that's about it I guess.
oh..we went to buy baju raya just now.I got myself a yellow-ish-orang-ish baju kurung pahang style lol.I don't even know the diff.

JAY. we got like,160 thousand signatures for a korean petition to bring Jay back.that awesome.kHottests are gonna boycott JYP.Onew,Tei +other celebs & a member of the south korean political party supports Jay.That's beyond awesome.and yea,we want Jay back!!!
[[notice the new banner heee]]

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