Thursday, September 17

goodbye annoying ppl :D :D

Yes,it's the last day of school.yeyyyyyyyyyyyyy
well,the last day of school was yesterday for the other 19 ppl from my class who didn't come
there were like 4 chinese dudes+1 malay dude+2 chinese girls+2 malay girls=my class of awesomeness.
by far,my class had the least number of students today in the entire school.and that made us very proud when one of the teachers asked us wat had happened HAHAA

We did nothing & Icha did our bm test only.coz the other teachers weren't in.
so we went hunting around the school..we bullied annantha with some of the seniors dudes & 3G guys.
I guess the seniors were suprised when I talked in chinese with one of the 3G guys.
they were like O.o "u serious?chinese or malay that girl" haha,like I didn't understand..
the fun part was when of them decided to teach us about they wrote 'about sex' pretty big on the white board.I asked one of them,whom I call fish to teach us something;

ehh,teach us about sex la..ur too noisy lah(trying to avoid him asking for my phone LOL)
ok la,ok la.first thing u remember;CONDOM
ohh*laughs*then then?
then ah..ohh..then ahh*he asked the cuter dude--G*
then anything lah *smiled this horny smile*
me & icha & them laughed so hard that ppl thought we were ghosts haha

the seniors were in front with annantha looking at us who's having fun.haaa..then we helped them hide from their teacher & stuff..damn funny ah!
after I wrote ;have fun; under the title 'about sex' which is when the class was empty.which is like,after a few hours;;me & Icha went to agama class next door(3E)with other 2 3E students.Hanif & new girl.
Icha studied science while
I studied SPM level agama.harhard la!I learned a few thing about marriage that I didn't know's crazy.haihh

ohh,a philipino girl just transferred to class 3E from sekolah cempaka.she's okayy.she love korea & japanese like me.haha.that's awesome as it's like,so rare to find ppl like that in our we get along well.
haha,it was som funny when she didn't know whether I'm malay or the convo--ohh her name is ricia(:

hiiiii^^u mix chinese yea? bout u?chinese also?or malay?
me ar?ehmm..malay,malay
no lah..japanese!
oh japanese..*innocent face*
*icha laughed**ricia confused face*
ehh no la..I'm korean..annyong haseyyo
annyong hasseyo(:

Hanif laughed & so did Icha.I was like omg..turns out that she's learning korean through the internet.she later found out that I am actually malay so yeahh..LOL

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