Wednesday, September 30

Epik High-ness

I'm back in love with EPIK HIGH babeh. their new album, [e] is well,epic.
they released it on 16th sept.but I guess I was so drunk that I forgot to post about it.hahaa xP
and if 30 ohmygodwow tracks ain't enough for u then u should just go die.enjoy their sick raps in these songs;

Epik High-shopaholic

Epik High- Excuses

Epik High- high skool dropout

they're kinda diff from the first time I heard their song a longlong time ago eg fly,fan etc
much more sexier in a my head?haha,enjoy :D :D

oh,and the reason I wrote 3 posts today is to have that feeling when u have when writing a blog before I go to war next week.
the exact translations of that will be;
I'm gonna be on pre-hiatus starting today.PMR is next week maa
so no more bloggie.just book-ies ??HAHA
I'm still gonna be looking out for any Jay's ever-so-growing news tho.
so Imma check my mails at the same time.
maybe spy on other people blogs also..and playing cs is a must!kekeke
more like blog-hiatus huh lolol
and talking bout Jay..
HOTTEST's Jay sky banner project was a success! *clapclapyeahhhhh*
yea,the banner even earn it's slot in komo news,a local seattle news station
and apparently JYP is in Seattle now to meet Jay & family to talk bout stuff..
wootwoot. hope they're gonna talk bout good stuff to bring good news to every HOTTESTs in the world!!muahahaa!
follow the story at 2oneday since I'm not gonna be updating for a while

take care

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