Wednesday, September 16

coz they're gay.

Hey yoo

**they're as in netizens muahahaa!**coughcough**
yea it's been a long time.sorry,I've been too lazy to post anything up in here. Been following Jay's case 24/7 so I don't have much time to write about
today was the last day of exam.yey!!
but I still have to go to school!!
coz I didn't do the history paper & also BM2 paper.Thank god Icha is gonna come..
or I'll cry.HAHAA

an update on Jay;
  • he's still not in korea(like duhh!)
  • the news about the 'silent protest' with 1500 HOTTEST on 130909 got into a newspaper in Singapore.yea,that far.
  • HOTTESTs are gonna boycott 2PM with only 6 members.
  • HOTTESTs made phamplets which are so totally cool & straight-forward..RAWWR
  • JYP released a statement saying he's really sorry but that ain't enough
  • lots of celebs stand up for Jay esp boom
  • his dad's friend wrote somethings up bout Jay.really's in 2oneday.
I guess that's it.
hope Jay's coming back soon!!I can't take this much pressure T.T
PMR is coming..Hari raya is like,4 days away..haihh

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