Thursday, September 24

counter strike:naminami

hey hi hahaa

guess ur wondering about the title huh..well,I started playing cs.yes,counter strike.and it's really wonder the boys love it so much..hahaa

tiring few days.too lazy to update my blog nowadays..
coz I'm barely in front of the pc but if I am I'll be playing cs.cs.&& jay

about that,I'm sooo sosooo psyked that MYhottest are gonna do a flash mob like kHottests did the onther day.wait,I forgot to post that vid.oh poo.__. maybe laterr key?
anyways,yeahh.they're awesome(: and HOTTESTs all around the world are gonna do
the same things.
omg..that's EPIC!really.for a leadja.for the leadja,Jay to come'll be great,great!
just hope it's after PMR since I need to pump up my brain muscles.and that's gonna be hell :D :D
like it is agama sucks weiyh >>:I and sejarah psdiughasdvu8edf-.-""""""""

help me!!

on the other side,tae yang is gonna make a solo comeback in oct.**omgomgfaints**
dang..I remember that I got this hugeeeeee crush on him from the big bang documentary.I mean,he's hot.and that shyness just..kills u! he's totally awesome but somehow..laterlater I found myself looking at TOP only.haha,girls' minds can change can it? just look at those eyebrows..yeaa..sexyy much??
ehem..but for now,I'm gonna be stuck on tae yang till TOP's 'Iris' come out.kekeke

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