Wednesday, September 30

captain of the wrong-doings

since I'm at home *coughcough*
needs to study & stuff && this is my break blah blah blah

Imma write something else in this precious blog of mine :D
it'll be lighter,promise

since next week is the PMR-hell week,I'm gonna write a bit about it.
I'm taking 8 subjects and I still don't get why that we need to have so many sybjects but Imma do it anyways..
try to get 8A's & shizz
I can get 8A's,I just need to study harder..
but honestly honestly,I don't want straight A's.
one word: labels or stereotypes
I got straight A's for my UPSR back in '06 and that suprised everyone,especially me.
so I got into 'elite' group of my high school & got an elite badge & everything
everyone treats me like I'm some kind of know-it-all
like,they see me as my results & not who I really am
that sucks.

then we moved to this oh-my-god city,Subang Jaya
I got into the last class as my KHB choice were not part of the 'elite' group of the school
I felt bad."I didn't belong with those monkeys" I thought
only after like,4 or 5 months I started liking studying in the same classroom as apes.
it's fun..people laugh,talk a lot & just do their own thing
I was well accepted too because they don't care about labels & I'm malay or some shit
(they're mostly chinese so yea)
I became one of them
even though I moved to another class this year (in front of them)
they still treat me the same.they visit my class & just fool around
because boys will always be boys
they like me for who I am & not because of my results or anything

and that's awesome. and I'm afraid that if I am the 'smart' type they,my friends are gonna treat me differently..nightmare.
to loose friends just because of labels & stereotypes
but I'm not gonna be dumbashell either
I'm just gonna do my best & hopefully my best is enough to make my parents,family happy etc
wish me luck yo :D :D

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