Wednesday, September 9

awww Jay...

yea,I'm not in school. I got a really big headache which I think I got it coz of Jaebum's thingy..
and yea,he left Korea.I cried.

I followed it really closely yesterday..since the news broke out till he got on the plane..but it's not just me tho.thousands or more hottests followed the story in twitter & made jaebum & wooyoung & Jay the trending topic.I was like "omgwtfcool" but some dudes were like "wtf is wooyoung?" lol,I laughed for the first time since I heard Jay is gonna quit JYPE.

erghhh..2OD has made a lot of plans to bring Jay post its notes at jype office in NYC &Korea.I dun wanna write so much bout it. Coz I feel more & more sad if I talk bout it so much.
But I still tweets to JYP stuff like;

@followjyp They aren't 7 people, they're ONE. 2PM is not 2PM without Jay.
@followjyp There is only one leader for 2PM. And he's Jay.
@followjyp We, Hottest, will never stop fighting for Jay, so please allow us to still fight for him.
@followjyp We trust you not to take Jay away from us.JYPE family, please understand us.
@followjyp We stand, believe, and love only 7. No more, no less, no one else.

it's another project from 2OD.So if ur a hottest just like me,rooting for our beloved leadja..
please,please do the same & tweet JYP to make him realize that 2PM - Jay= 0

I'm missing Jay already..hope he's fine in seattle..ohh he arrived there at 12.40 pm(seattle time)
Edit for those who are unaware of this situation:

Park Jaebum, former 2PM leader, now known as Jay Park has left Korea.
About 500 - 1000 fans showed up at the airport to stop Jay from going back
to the States. Everyone was sad, heartbroken and they were crying non-stop.
I wish Jay the best. Maybe someday he'll debut as a singer in the States.
You never know.
He actually left 2PM cause he didn't want his mistake to make the whole group suffer along with him.
He left as a leader taking responsibility by not putting the group into anymore trouble.
Though I do wish that maybe Jay could've stayed stronger for just a little while.
Sigh. It's okay..*sobsobdies*

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