Friday, September 4


♥♥♥♥HAPPY 1 YEAR 2PM!!♥♥♥♥

WOW.omg,omg.I can't believe that it's been only 1 year since they made their debut with their song '10 points out of 10' but I've only been a hottest since wat..march?yea,march..fuhh.

well,2PM help me one way or the other.with big bang in Japan & stuff..and me,left with nothing be addicted's perfect timing that they had release 'again & again' ++ 'niga mibda' like fireworks this year.and a full-length album coming up.awesome! I've watch so many of their vids on youtube this past few months that I can't really remember wat I watched the shows lol.idol army,hot blood men,SGB and also my fav,wild bunny..I'm seriously addicted to them

aja aja fighting 2PM!!
loves, Iman.

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